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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

by Instant Grat

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Original Thread: Let's Play Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy!


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Did you ever play Crash Bandicoot? Before it became shit I mean, the original trilogy on the original PlayStation, made by NaughtyDog (whom you may know as those guys who started out as bedroom programmers making adventure games). Of course you did. They were great games, man. Released just in time for Christmas, way back in 2001, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is very much in the same vein of gaming. Super jumpy funtime action platforming (and also spinning circle kicks very much reminiscent of a certain red-furred marsupial). If you want more info, here's a Wikipedia article which is very informative.

And then a bunch of shitty sequels were made, but that's not why we're here. The way this works is fairly simple; I record some gameplay footage, and then me and a bunch of other people make fun of it. I will collect all of the power cells in this run, but I won't be getting all of the orbs. The only purpose they serve is getting more power cells, so no reason to go around OCD'ing for those.


Note: I know the audio in the first update is horrible. Don't worry, that's the only one where it's like that.
Intro - (Featuring no commentary) download
Episode 1 - Geyser Rock - (Featuring Skull and Crossboners, and Hbomberguy) download
Episode 2 - The Forbidden Jungle - (Featuring ScurvyKip) download
Episode 3 - Sentinel Beach - (Featuring Skull and Crossboners, and Organic Robot) download
Bonus video - The collected deaths of Jak and the pelican - (Featuring no-one but me) download
Episode 4 - Misty Island - (Featuring Organic Robot and Lord Prinnington) download
Episode 5 - Fire Canyon and the Precursor Basin - (Featuring Hbomberguy and my friend Philip) download
Episode 6 - Boggy Swamp - (Featuring Hbomberguy and Lord Prinnington) download
Episode 7 - The Lost Precursor City - (Featuring my friend Philip and SirSamVimes) download
Episode 8 - Mountain Pass and Spider Cave - (Featuring Paper Lion) download
Episode 9 - Snowy Mountain - (Featuring Hbomberguy and Cheer Up) download
Episode 10 - Lava Tube, and Gol and Maia's Citadel - (Featuring Skull and Crossboners, and my friend Philip) download

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