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Original Thread: What's up, doc? Let's Play Jazz Jackrabbit 2 [VLP]



Jazz Jackrabbit is a series of 2D cartoony platformers set in a fantasy universe featuring our hero, a gun-toting rabbit called Jazz Jackrabbit, saving the people of Carrotus from an evil mastermind turtle called Devan Shell. Inspired by the various console platformers of the time like Mario, Sonic and Mega Man, Jazz Jackrabbit became a staple of the PC platforming genre.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was released in 1998 by Epic Megagames (now just Epic Games) and Orange Games, packed with 30 singleplayer levels split among 5 episodes, a new character called Spaz, full multiplayer support, a level editor and a whole slew of extra features compared to its predecessor. Two expansion packs were also released: Christmas Chronicles, a free holiday-based level pack; and Secret Files, with an improved game engine, a new character called Lori and a whole new singleplayer episode.

I'll be playing through all the singleplayer episodes on Hard difficulty, including expansions. I'll take Jazz through all the standard episodes, Spaz through Secret Files and Lori through Christmas Chronicles. Me and Paul.Power will commentate on the videos, I may get other guests occasionally.

While I do want to show off as much as I can, I'm much more experienced with playing as Jazz which is why I'll use him for most of the game. By no means a perfect run, but I'll try to explore the levels thoroughly and show off all the secrets within, and hopefully make this a wholesome experience for us all.

I know a lot of people like Jazz Jackrabbit 1 too and I'll admit it has its charm, but Jazz Jackrabbit 2 improves it in every possible way and I enjoy it a lot more than its predecessor. I'll try to update this weekly at least, probably around the weekends.

The game manual has the whole plot in comic form: (click for full size)

(sorry about the JPG artefacts, the scans aren't mine)

Jazz - The titular hero of the series. He can use his helicopter ears to glide across long distances, or high jump to get over tall obstacles. Carries a blue blaster gun.

Spaz - Jazz's goofy brother, introduced in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. He can quickly karate chop enemies, or use his double jump to get at harder-to-reach areas. Carries a green blaster gun.

Lori - Jazz and Spaz's spunky sister, introduced in the Secret Files expansion. Originally intended to be Spaz's girlfriend. She has Jazz's helicopter ears and Spaz's karate chop, which makes her a kinda broken character since she's got no special jumps. Carries a purple blaster gun.

Blaster - The default gun. Infinite ammo, good enough to take down anything throughout the game, ricochets off metal surfaces. Upgrading it doubles the damage and fire rate, so it's actually faster when holding down the Fire button instead of mashing it.

Bouncer - Fast fire, ricochets and bounces off everything, handy for closed spaces and diagonal angles. Upgrading it increases the damage and reduces the spread.

Freezer - Freezes any enemies, springs and other items for a short duration. Upgrading it increases the freeze duration and doubles the shots.

Flamer / Toaster - Melts any enemies, as well as unfreezing any objects like springs, but has a short range. Upgrading it increases the damage and the flames.

Seeker Missile - Homing missiles that'll target any nearby enemies, but with limited range. Upgrading it increases their damage but decreases their speed.

RF Missile - Fires two fast missiles with a small spread. Upgrading it increases their damage and adds another missile.

TNT - An explosive charge that goes off after a short time or if triggered by enemies and weapons.

Pepper Spray - Fires tiny bullets with a really long range. Upgrading it increases the damage.

Electro Blaster - An evolution of the regular Blaster that is more powerful and can shoot through walls. Upgrading it increases the damage.

Jazz Intro
Jazz Castle
Jazz Boss Tune 2
Labratory Level
Hippie Heaven
Beach Bunny!
Water Level
Jazz Boss Tune 1
Diamondus Remix
Tubelectric Remix
Medieval Jam
Jungle Fevah 2.0
Hell Freezes Over
Dark Groove
Jazz be Damned
White Hare
Frolick Lane
Jazz Belmont
Pull Back the Bass
Fast Track
Unused Bonus Level Remix
Unused Bonus Stage
Unused Medivo
Unused Track
Unused Menu Music

Want to see me take on some cool custom level? Interested in multiplayer matches? Got any questions or something else you think would contribute to the thread? Just let me know.

Episode 1 Spaz RunHosted Viddler Youtube    
How to Not Cheese a BossHosted Viddler Youtube    
Cut Boss DeathsHosted Viddler Youtube    
Idle AnimationsHosted Viddler Youtube    

Text Signs

Knight Cap:
Cheese is green on tuesday.
Craig is king doofus.

A Diamondus is Forever:
Spaz ate the dopefish.
Find the gopher.
Dragons live in burbank.
Mark wears briefs. Hoo Hah!
Nick loves shiny. Always has!

Fourteen Carrot:
Send Tim new socks.
Send Nigel a green card.
Beware of chainsaw schmalz.
Dont give mark a burrito.

Medieval Kineval:
Craig is still a doofus!

Gargoyles Lair:
Leh is a Camper

Easter Bunny:
Don't beat Nigel at pool. You've veen warned.

Unused tile:

RSS Feed

Episode 1: Formerly a Prince

Intro & Dungeon DilemmaHosted Viddler Youtube  
Knight CapHosted Viddler Youtube  
Tossed SaladHosted Viddler Youtube  
Carrot JuiceHosted Viddler Youtube  
Weirder ScienceHosted Viddler Youtube  
Loose ScrewsHosted Viddler Youtube  
Bonus: Return of BirdlandHosted Viddler Youtube  

Episode 2: Jazz in Time

Victorian SecretHosted Viddler Youtube  
Colonial ChaosHosted Viddler Youtube  
Purple Haze MazeHosted Viddler Youtube  
Bonus: Far OutHosted Viddler Youtube  
Funky GrooveathonHosted Viddler Youtube  
Beach Bunny BingoHosted Viddler Youtube  
Marinated RabbitHosted Viddler Youtube  
Bonus: Marinated Rabbit DemoHosted Viddler Youtube  

Episode 3: Flashback

A Diamondus ForeverHosted Viddler Youtube  
Fourteen CarrotHosted Viddler Youtube  
Bonus: SECRET LEVELHosted Viddler Youtube  
Electric BoogalooHosted Viddler Youtube  
Voltage VillageHosted Viddler Youtube  
Medieval KinevalHosted Viddler Youtube  
Hare ScareHosted Viddler Youtube  
Bonus: Gargoyles LairHosted Viddler Youtube  

Episode 4: Funky Monkeys

Thriller GorillaHosted Viddler Youtube  
Jungle JumpHosted Viddler Youtube  
A Cold Day In HeckHosted Viddler Youtube  
Rabbit RoastHosted Viddler Youtube  
Burnin BiscuitsHosted Viddler Youtube  
Bad PittHosted Viddler Youtube  

Episode 0: Shareware Demo

Darn RatzHosted Viddler Youtube  
Retro RabbitHosted Viddler Youtube  
Frog StompHosted Viddler Youtube  

Episode X: Christmas Chronicles

Snow BunniesHosted Viddler Youtube  
Dashing thru the snow..Hosted Viddler Youtube  
Tinsel TownHosted Viddler Youtube  

Episode 5: The Secret Files

Easter BunnyHosted Viddler Youtube  
Spring ChickensHosted Viddler Youtube  
Scrambled EggsHosted Viddler Youtube  
Ghostly AnticsHosted Viddler Youtube  
Skeletons TurfHosted Viddler Youtube  
Graveyard ShiftHosted Viddler Youtube  
Turtle TownHosted Viddler Youtube  
Suburbia CommandoHosted Viddler Youtube  
Urban BrawlHosted Viddler Youtube  

Jazz Jackrabbit 3

The TownHosted Viddler Youtube  
The CastleHosted Viddler Youtube  

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