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Original Thread: The Trouble with Tribals: Let's Play Jet Force Gemini [VLP]


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The Trouble with Tribals: Let's Play Jet Force Gemini [VLP]

Jet Force Gemini is a sci-fi third-person shooter released by Rareware on October 11, 1999. It is rather different than most games released by Rare, not only by being 3rd person but also by being one of the more violent games on the system; featuring blood splatter and dismemberment. The game also features Co-Op gameplay which definitely made it stand out at release.

This is definitely one of my favorite Rare games on the N64. While many people have either heard about or played the game, few endured the frustration of finishing it. The levels are relatively easy to complete, but in order to finish the game every single Tribal must be saved. This task can be long and grueling and puts many people off. I plan to get the final ending, as for any extra content we will see when we get there.

The story is based around two teenagers and their dog, who barely escape an attack by the evil Mizar and his drone army which wiped out the rest of the Jet Force Fleet. Unable to contact Earth nor warp out of the sector they patiently waiting for rescue until... they receive a distress call from a nearby planet where the Tribal people are being taken into slavery by the drone army. The trio take it upon themselves to save the Tribal race as well as search the nearby planets for pieces of an ancient spacecraft which is their only chance of reaching Mizar before he can lead his drone army against Earth.

Our Characters:

The first character we play as is Juno. His parents were killed by space pirates and this instilled in him a desire to protect the people in his sector of space. Politics in the Federation prevent him from dealing with the threat of Mizar until it is nearly too late and this results in great deal of frustration for him.

Super Power: Ability to walk through lava without harm.

Our second character Vela is the twin sister of Juno, she helps her brother protect their sector of space and feels that she must prove herself in the masculine dominated military world.

Super Power: Ability to swim under the water.

Our third and final main character Lupus is the war-dog mascot of Jet Force Gemini. He is a dog with guns and armor, enough said.

Super Power: Ability to hover thanks to paw... thingies that let you hover.

Other Characters:

King Jeff

Leader of the Tribals, King Jeff, uses his mighty magical powers to protect the Tribals under his leadership. He did indeed receive the two heads greater than one memo.


The ruler of the Drone Army and the main villain of the game. He was completely ignored as a threat up until he began his army's march towards Earth starting with the destruction of the Jet Force Fleet.


Goldwood -
Goldwood -
SS Anubis -
SS Anubis -
Tawfret -
Tawfret -
Tawfret -
Tawfret - Bog
Mizar's Palace -
Sekhmet - Battle
Cerulean -
Ichor - Military
Mizar's Palace -
Spawnship - Troop
Rith Essa -
Rith Essa -
Eschebone -
Eschebone -
Eschebone -
Mizar's Palace -
Turning Point (Lupus)
Goldwood - Lodge (Vela)
Goldwood - Minigame (Lupus/Floyd)
Goldwood - Rim (Lupus)
Spacestation - Abandoned Wreck (Vela)
Gem Quarry - Landing (Lupus)
SS Anubis - Passageway (Juno)
SS Anubis - Minigame (Vela/Floyd)
Walkway - Peak (Juno)
Ant Head Collection (Juno)
Sekhmet - Battle Cruiser (Juno)
Lost Island - Water Ruin (Everyone)
Ichor - Military Base (Lupus)
Ichor - Military Base (Juno)
Ichor - Perimeter (Juno)
Eschebone (Juno)
Spawnship - Troop Carrier (Vela)
Spawnship & Others (Juno)
Rith Essa - Bluff & Ascent (Juno)
Rith Essa - Mine (Vela)
The Conclusion (Everyone)


Title Sequence
Opening Cutscene
Character Select
Landing Sequence
Area Cleared
Goldwood Forest
Goldwood Depths
Ant Attack
SS Anubis
Vela's Capture
Vela's Rescue
Tawfret Ruined
Floyd's Destruction
Assembling Floyd
Floyd Race
Boss Intro
Boss Battle
Spacestation: Abandoned Wreck
Attack on Gem Quarry
Gem Quarry Saved
Battle Cruiser Sekhmet
Ichor Military Base
Spawnship Stowaway
Disco Mix
Jeff and Barry Racing
Water Ruin
Rith Essa
Mizar's Palace
Pyramid Landing
Pyramid Interior
Mizar's Wrath
Turning Point
Mizar's Palace Race
Hovercraft Race
Full Disclosure
Destroying the Asteroid
Awards Ceremony
Unidentified Track 1
Unidentified Track 2
Unidentified Track 3
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