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by Krakhan

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Original Thread: Get Out the Spraypaint and Start Grinding to Funky Tunes: Jet Set Radio



Due to the hype brought about by other people in this subforum, here is an LP that people have been waiting for apparently. I wanted to keep it more as a surprise, but that didn't quite happen. Oh well, no big deal, since here it is! Here it is anyways, the game that I bought a Dreamcast from a pawn shop many years ago just to play this one game:

So, in this game, you play as a bunch of hip-hop roller blading trouble makers, as they try to express themselves with all kinds of artistic graffiti, while avoiding the troublesome cops, and many other obstacles, including parashoot squad, helicopters, and tanks and more! Yes, whole hoards of tanks just for a bunch of roller blading punks. However, the plot ends up thickening in many interesting ways. How? Well watch the videos below to see already, geez! Also, to make things clear, the game was renamed to Jet Grind Radio in the North American release due to trademark issues. Hence, why there's a slight discrepancy in the cover I used. But, throughout the LP I will refer to it just as Jet Set Radio, as you'll see why as you watch the videos.

Soundtrack Info

Better late than never, here are some links to the official soundtrack and the unreleased tracks, so you can listen to the music that I mention on a particular level if you liked it so much (thanks Gwar!).

Also, here's some links that go to the same site, but for the Jet Set Radio Future official soundtrack and the unreleased soundtrack.

(Wallpaper edition)

Anyways, whether you've played this game or not, you will most likely enjoy the game for one reason or another, whether it be the music, cel-shading artwork, or the graffiti itself. In any case, sit back and enjoy this funky Let's Play thread! And yes, there will most likely be guest commentary that will happen as well. If you're interested, contact me for more information! Lurkers, if you want to do commentary, get an account first.

With all that out of the way, I hope we all have loads of fun in this thread!


1. Introduction - Wherein the basics are learned, and the first three members of the GG gang are acquired. Google FileFront Backup
2. Shibuya GG - First level of the game, where we wreck havoc in a bus terminal! Google FileFront Backup
3. Benten - Benten Boogie, with Velasco! Google FileFront Backup
4. Benten - Graffiti High, a name for a level that sounds like a bad high school drama. Featuring Dave O for funky commentary. Google FileFront Backup
5. Benten - Noise Reduction, with Proton Jon! Google FileFront Backup
6. Shibuya - Love Trap, with Proteus! Google FileFront Backup
7. Kogane - Monster of Kogane. Turn up the sound and watch closely for the monster! Google FileFront Backup
8. Kogane - No. 540. Continuing to chill out with dave_o! Google FileFront Backup
9. Kogane - Kogane Circus. Yet another chase level, this time in the sewers, with Psychedelic Eyeball! Google FileFront Backup
10. Shibuya: Love Attack! Here, I finish off Chapter 1 with Oyster, who's in an interesting state of mind! Google FileFront Backup
11. Grind City - Bantam Street Google FileFront Backup
12. Grind City - Grind Square, with Syvalion! Google FileFront Backup
13. Shibuya - Explosion! Google FileFront Backup
14. Benten - Benten Burning - with Lasher and more JSRF music. Google FileFront Backup
15. Kogane - Fight or Flight Google FileFront Backup
16. Benten - Behind the Mask Google FileFront Backup
17. Shibuya - Final Groove, with Velasco! Google FileFront Backup
A. Krakhan's attempt at Alien Soldier Google Backup
B. Krakhan's attempt at Vectorman Google Backup
C. Krakhan's attempt at Vectorman 2 Google Backup
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