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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure & GioGio's Bizarre Adventure

by FutureFriend, ChorpSaway, TheJayOfSpade, Taoc

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Original Thread: every time I close my eyes, wake up feeling so horny



Hirohiko Araki posted:

"I hate working in silence. I always have some music or radio station on — like
Musashino FM — when I work. It's as important a tool, to me, as paper or a pen.

But I'm disorganised and lazy sometimes, and can't always find my CD's.
So, a coworker showed me how to find and listen to music directly on the
internet! And I'm a bit of an online video "addict" now! I even found videos
of people playing JoJo video games, but many of them just talk right over them.
I'm thinking "Shut up! People want to hear the video game, not you or your lame
jokes!" but maybe some people really do enjoy this.

I guess, there's some mysteries in life, we're not meant to understand..."

Banner art by twitter user @Cheezopath. Part 3 game thumbnails by @HamousTruck, also thanks to him for youtube subtitles. OP images by ChorpSaway. Part 5 game thumbnails by @handdrawnsquare

Welcome one and all, to another duology Let's Play behind the sick twisted minds of the 50 Cent Duology; The JoJo Duology. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a japanimation/comimanga split up into several parts, each focusing on a different character in the Joestar lineage who, along with their own unique set of allies, fight against strange enemies who threaten their peaceful lives. We are going through two games from two different parts; JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for the Super Famicom, a Part 3 game, and GioGio's Bizarre Adventure for the PS2, which is a Part 5 game. ChorpSaway will be heading up the Super Famicom game and I, FutureFriend, will be heading up the PS2 one. For these Let's Plays we will be joined by the other members of The Otaku Trash Machine, TheJayOfSpade (nerd) and Taoc (jock). Both games are Japanese exclusives, but have been fan-translated, so we will be using those versions.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SFC) is a JRPG made by Winkysoft, who have pretty much developed 95% of all SNES anime adaptation games. Their outing in JoJo is weird, its an utterly bog-standard JRPG that is mostly just a weird highlights version of Stardust Crusaders where every fight takes place 2 minutes after the previous. It's cool though, Jotaro can die by being yelled at rudely by an ape. Despite being a JRPG, it's also very short, so this will be a Video LP provided to us by ChorpSaway. This game was fan-translated by romhacking group Aeon Genesis.

GioGio's Bizarre Adventure is a PS2 action game made by Capcom. It's a weird clunky boss rush game that does a surprisingly decent job translating Golden Wind's fights and their mechanics into video game form. It's almost obsessively devoted to translating nearly everything from the Manga 1:1 into the game. It's interesting and hell, I think, as the person providing this part of the LP, its worth checking out for how it tries to do this. This game was fan-translated by manga translation group JoJo's Colored Adventure. This game's LP also won't be released until we're done with the Super Famicom Game, sorry for that!

No rules. As long as this thread stays fun and funny, we'll keep it that way. This Let's Play also won't be spoiler-free, so go wild!

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