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Original Thread: Point & Click has never been so much fun! Let's Play Adventure Games Megathread

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I'm not going to say much here, for two reasons.

First is because Journey is also a game of few words. It's actually a game of no words, because it doesn't need them. It's a very powerful piece that speaks for itself. It's why the further along I went into this LP the less commentary I had; The game was strong enough to speak for itself, so why bother putting words into it?

Second is because the less words I write, the faster you watch these videos. I made this LP simply for the people who don't own a PS3. You need to watch this game. If you own a PS3, please please PLEASE buy this off of PSN and play it instead of watching these videos. It's a much better experience that way.

That being said, enjoy the videos.

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