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Original Thread: Journey



Let's play the 2012 game of the year: Journey!

Is this a remake of the innovative Infocom game of the 80's?

No. It is an entirely new game and is, in a way, the opposite type of that game.
There are no words and no explanations. The viewer is welcome to decide what anything means, if it means anything at all.

What is it, then?

Journey is a game created by:

It is only available on the PS3 platform and this is unlikely to change which is unfortunate because it is arguably the most critically acclaimed game of the past several years, let alone 2012. Journey is not a large game, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in girth.

I apologize for that.

Please folks, this is not a long game. You can wait to talk about things that are coming up. Let the new viewers be surprised.


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