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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

by Zorak

Part 2

Based on what people said thus far, I'm going to go with
1. Open ended (somewhat, I basically just multipled time progression by ten so that time moves a tenth of the speed. One month is as long as a year was)with larger dinosaur limit (we can make as many dinos as we can afford instead of just 60), no park goer limit (we can have more then 100 goers come to the park if they really want to. I set it at a thousand.), no building limit (we can build as many buildings are we can afford) and no dig limit (meaning we can get more then 5 digs or so out of the 9. Going with a 9 out of 9 with faster unlocks.) Basically, it makes it more fun/ realistic.
2. gently caress mountains
3. Some trees, but sparse.
4. 1 River for the hell of it
5. Circle/ Egg

Whelp, let's make an island I suppose.

Behold, our splendid Island. I dub you, Jurassic P- oh wait, loading screen :

Well there we are. A close up view of our little Jurassic Park. Seems like we have mail; we always will have mail often of little micromanagement stuff. I'm going to move slowly away from the micromanagement focus however and leave you guys with layout, dinosaur choice and control, as well as park construction decisions.

Ray Arnold is our Park Administrator; he helps run the place and let's us know of certain critical things in park running. He is eaten by a Velociraptor in the movie and I think the book. You may remember him as Nedry's boss and the one who gets locked out by Nedry's computer bug. Fun stuff that.

Good old Grant, protagonist of the first and third movies and of the first book. He's incharge of our various fossil digs. I suppose we should assign our first team to our pre-owned first dig location.

Usually we can only get five dig sites, but we'll be getting all nine around the last star. They won't let us buy additional teams until the park is open, sadly.

A glimpse at some of the Dinosaurs available to us at this site. As they harvest fossils and amber, I'll have our lab technicians harvest DNA from them one at a time. Micro micro micro.

For now, I'm going to avoid research until we have the basic ammenities in. I'll make a list of potential research topics and what they do once we've got the ball rolling a bit.

The park map overview. I made this one a little larger so you can copy and paste it into paint and fool around with the layout as you wish. Here's however a little preview and look into placement.

This is an example set on the same island:

The placement isn't very good, but that's just to show their relative sizes and what's really needed right now. Cleaners clean up the trash on the ground. Food and bathrooms are NEEDED by park goers. Vents and Viewing towers allow our tourists to see the dinosaurs. The hatchery located into the fence is where Dinosaurs are born and released as full grown adults. The feeding vent is where herbivore food is dispensed (plants can be used as well if they're of appropriate age). The security building, which you can't see, is where the security helicopter is at, which we use for eventual accidents, darting animals to be vaccinated or to be recovered, euthanasia, and so forth. The security building doesn't need to be on the path since it's all helicopter based and is self sufficient apparently. The Park Entrance is our most crucial building, it's where the helicopters come into the park to deliver visitors, its where we control entrance price, close and open the park, emergency alarms, and so forth. You can also see the paths and the low security fencing.

Additional building types of course come available later on, largely from research. In due time.

Here's an overview of the example, so you have an idea if you want to write anything on the overmap. Also, if I'm giving you too much "do this", just let me know and I'll reduce your participation if necessary. Going a little speedy in terms of updates just for now because they're rather simple explanations with little actual major decision making or time spending.

So where should we put the entrance? How should we organize this?