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by Zorak

Part 3

Since no one contributed with layout ideas, I'll get on with this; as a warning, it's long, mainly because the game is a little slow early on.

Our park-entrance, our major money maker as well as the method by which... they enter the park? Yeah pretty much. I didn't screenshot what I built right away, but I'll get to that shortly.

I start the research off with the Viewing Dome. It's nice because the enterance is relatively small, and visitors can view Dinosaurs in the dome in the middle of the enclosure.

Grant's team starts us off with our first harvested fossil. Fossils come in four varities generally: Low (icon a leg bone), Medium (icon a pelvis), High (Icon a skull), and Amber (of various qualities, containing the highest DNA content usually). Fossils can be either harvested for DNA in order to make Dinos produced longer living and healthier (also make it so you can make them in the first place), as well as sold in a pinch.

Setting it at $280 for now, just to get a few quick bucks at the start.

Check out the Jurassic Kiosk #1, with our Rex Burger and Thrillin' Chili! It's like a rampage in your mouth! Give us your loving money you sheep!

Since we have Small fencing up, we'll start with the only herbivore we have right now; the Pachycephalosaurus. They're fairly cheap, and fun to watch for me personally because they are the ones that head-butt each other constantly to determine who leads their pack. When you start an island, you're given some basic pre-fulfilled percentages for an assigned small herbivore and an assigned small carnivore. The small carnivore will wait for now.

Not doing too well for now. Ah well, it's sort of to be expected since the park hasn't been even opened yet.

SEND IN THE PACHYS! :clownballoon: With our first Dinosaur in the park, we can finally open for business.

Alot of the game is spent waiting on either research to finish, fossils to be harvested, more helicopters with people to arrive, DNA to be harvested and so forth. Thankfully, Dinosaurs are interesting to watch interact and move in game. They act fairly natural. Dumb at times, but then again they're Dinosaurs. Two Pachys now

This one is the current Packleader. HAIL TO THE KING!

Some headbutt action. They do it every often. Winner sometimes takes the Pack-leader crown from the loser .

The first park-visitors are arriving in that blue helicopter-shuttle. Cha-ching.

Occasionally our dig teams will find silver, gold, opals, or other gems. These can't be used for anything other then for selling, but they're much appreciated when they are found. They can help later on.

You can see how much money and what the Park-Goers think of your Park by clicking them and hitting their info button. There are four basic types that visit your park, which I'll cover in a little bit.

Our three Pachys hanging out and doing their thing. Head butt action in the water.

I don't know if you notice, but the trees and the Dinosaurs are reflected in the water depending on your angle. A little simple, but it's a touch I like. While I don't show it, I purchase another fossil hunting team to help out our current one.

A glimpse at the park's path thus far. At the very bottom right you can see the side of Vent 1. On the left you see from the bottom up Bathroom 1, Kiosk 1, and Maintenance Building 1. On the right up a bit you can see Tower 1 and Vent 2. It's worth mentioning that the viewing buildings don't actually get much traffic or money for you early on; AI seems REALLY retarded, and don't seem to enter them until there is ALOT of local Dinosaur action or once it starts getting crowded enough that statistically SOME OF THEM have to enter.

Opinion is fairly good thus far, I suppose. You can see the four visitor types here. The general "mainstream" that is after everything, Thrill Seekers who like action (violent dinosaurs, dinosaurs interacting excitingly, Dinosaurs hunting and so forth), Fun Lovers (nice and cute Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs playing or just hanging out in groups and so forth), and Dino Nerds (Who are happier when authentic Paleo-plants are used and when Dinosaurs are grouped by correct time period).

Our park thus far. It's fairly small and basic, but that's for our benefit. Too much path and fencing area can make it so visitors spend more time walking around for no reason, and never see any Dinos.

I suppose I should remove the suspense as to what small carnivore we have available, eh?

Albertosaurus, a small carnivore carnosaur, a relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. We have quite a bit of DNA complete with this guy already. Too bad this Low-Security isn't quite up to level...

...I suppose we'll upgrade up to that level of technology next, since our Viewing Dome research is almost done

Placing our first Viewing Dome. Love these things.

Expensive? Probabally. Worth it? Yes.

Ding! Low Security Fence evolved into Medium Security Fence! Level 2! Low Security Fence learned the technique Lightning B- oh sorry, I read RedChocobo's threads too much : Research on the Medium Security Fencing completed, and I spent the nine thousand dollars necessary to upgrade our current Small Security Fencing to the Medium grade. One thing nice about this game: No building time at all.

By the cold hands of Science, be reborn, predator of forgotten ages!

This guy is pretty chill. The Pachys run away when he gets near, but he really doesn't care about them right now. Chillosaurus Rex.

He'll last us awhile, that's for sure. And good on it, he's a fairly interesting addition to the current habitat area.

You might be wondering why I'm letting Chillosaurus wander about in such a relatively small area with the Pachys, it's mainly because A. It's More exciting for visitors and B. He really doesn't hunt them unless he's starving. I'm saving up money for a predator feeder to make that even less likely to happen.


OH poo poo TWISTER! When stuff like this happens, you have to throw the park into emergency mode fast or risk visitors dying on your hands, which is bad.

Thanks for the compliments guys, I really appreciate it. Too bad we're in the middle of a loving TORNADO ATTACK!

gently caress.

And there it goes, right through our enclosure. Wait a minute... is that...

It picked up one of our Pachys! You give that back!

I didn't mean like that.

I have the helicopter dart Chillosaurus so he doesn't go wandering off as I make some money quick to repair the fencing and the damage done to the Hatchery and the Viewing Tower as that Twister went through.

The damage is expensive, but nothing that couldn't be made back by selling a few fossils we just recieved. At least we can reopen the park and make some money now.

I think he's starting to get hungry, and I still haven't put a carnivore feeder down. Oops. I also have invested in umbrella-research, zounds.

He's hunting the Pachys now. Run Pachys, run!

He snaps at the guy but missed.

And he manages to take one down... right next to the new Carnivore feeder. Whelp.

It's a dino-eat-dino-eat-plants world out there. Er, well, in here at least.

I have a new Pachy in the hatchery getting ready to be released to bring our count back to normal.

Yes, I should have looked at the weather and noticed how a storm was coming and totally used my psychic Tornado-repelling powers against it to make it go away, right?

My first generation, low DNA Pachys are starting to die off now.

Finally. The game is incredibly slow up to the first half star. Once this point is hit, now we can have a little more fun with it all

You can see one of the new-Generation Pachys leaving the hatchery, as well as Chillosaurus being hungry again.

Chillosaurus however knows an easy meal when he sees them. Those naturally-dead Pachys can make for a good meal for him. He's doing his part of the ecosystem! I've also invested in research for a Gift Shop. BUY OUR STUFF.

Buying an Anklyosaur fossil. We haven't gotten very many while digging at our current location. The Fossil Market shows fossils you can buy, usually from dig sites you're already at. Anklyosaurus is nice since it's a four star large Herbivore.

A cool part of the observation areas you can buy is that you can use them yourself for a more authentic view. This here is at our Observation Dome.

gently caress yes. At this point, things as you can see are alot speedier for awhile. Now that we have a star, we can buy a new dig site for our teams to take advantage of.

You guys want Stegosaurus'!? So be it. Site purchased. And what's this...

"We welcome our newest addition to the park, the shy Anklyosaurus. Enjoy this natural addition to Jurassic Park." I achieved the 50% minimum needed for it and went with it.

His four-star popularity will help us pretty good. Though this enclosure is starting to get wayyy to small for any further introductions. We're going to need to decide to either

A. Expand it and just integrate some more viewing areas on it by increasing the path/ baloon or car ride research.

B. Add a seperate enclosure either pure-predator, pure-herbivore, or perhaps a giant free-range safari-style one. Multiple sizes could be done with this.

C. Some else you think? Perhaps a few small single-species "zoo" like caging? If you guys got any random ideas or things you want me to do, go ahead and say them. There's no real wrong ideas with the set ups when you come down to it. The customers like gore(as long as its not them being gored).

New Chillosaurus-Store that should start giving us some revenue to work with ahead.

And that's it for this update. Might do another one later tonight, or I might put it off to tommorow, depending on time restraints.