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Part 4

GamingHyena posted:

Can't your dinos get seizures? I distinctly remember one of my T-Rexs escaping and gobbling up one of my tourists before seizing up and flopping around on the ground.

Hope you enjoyed THAT show, thrill seekers!

Edit: Oh yeah, it was rabies. Having a rabid T-Rex is almost guaranteed to produce some fun times.

Dinos can get various diseases yes, and also go "crazed" and into rampage mode. I've only had that happen once amazingly.

Last night in my anger at the bug, I decided to create TONS of Albertosaurus' and Ceratosaurus', use the Helicopter's marshall sonic ability, and destroy some walls as well as the park enterance. I destroyed alot of buildings while I was at it. I didn't think about taking many screenshots but here you go:


See that guy lying next to the Albertosaurus? The Albertosaurus killed the guy, started eating him, then took a nap. Meanwhile, people ran by screaming. gently caress. Yes.

I rebuilt the entrance after like an hour (I sort of lost track of time watching the Dinos go crazy), to see if they could make it there on time. Some did.

Not all did though. RUN INSECTS RUN!


In order to prevent any issues with the .ini, I'm only going to do some very minimal edits this time around. Also, thanks to infranview, I've figured out how to mass shrink . I forgot to change my resolution again though before screenshotting, so these are a little worse compressed. This will be fixxed next update when I use a lower screen resolution so it shrinks better.

But anyways, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Take Two

Similiar to the old island, but different.

Different starting dig site this time.

Different set up this time. Larger starting cage, curving around. More room for the Dinos to move, but also more places for them to go away from viewing.

One of our starters this time. Torosaurus' are large herbivores (two stars popularity) that like to headbutt amungst each other. Cheap, long lasting.

There the little bugger goes.


Current island set up. Watch the minimap as time goes on in the otherscreenshots to see some of the little aesthetic changes I'm making to the island for the future safari-style free range enclosure planned.

These guys do their things considerably less often then the Pachys did in the previous take.

Our second starting Dino, the Parasaurolophus, a three star large herbivore. It will sort of play and hang out with its herd pretty well.

The other Dino whose fossils are available at our starter dig site. Won't be able to do anything with him until we have some High Security Fencing up because uh... it's actually slightly longer then a T-Rex, and is just as nasty.

Glimpse of our basic set up thus far. It's quite similiar to the last, except that for some reason, time time our visitors are using the stuff more. Huh.

On we go...

Headbutting then moving towards the side. The dinosaurs can have some pretty complex interactions sometimes.

When you have full DNA on a Dinosaur, future fossils harvested to it are automatically sold on the market for you.

View of the Dinosaur group just hanging out.

Our twin Paras.

Not yet though, we don't have good enough fencing. Check out the stars though.

When Dinosaurs/ twisters destroy the fencing, it has a really bad animation that looks more like toppling a lego structure then anything.

Hey, I need those for money! Well, you can kill the Cleaner if you want because those are paid monthly but GIVE ME BACK MY PARK VISITORS


Luckily we were in emergency mode so we didn't lose any money for their deaths.

Total fatalities from that tornado. Eh.

Starting on the construction of our safari area, or rather, I'm starting the construction of a barrier around our smaller mini-park to seperate it from the rest of the island (ie the Safari part ). You can see the conisderable difference in size between High Security and Low Security.

These Security Buildings will make it so that a repeat of those fatalities doesn't happen, by giving park goers a place to escape to other then the Park Entrance.

See if you can pick up what I was trying to screenshot here. All I can say is ""

Not going to yet, though. Eventually, but not yet.

Meaning a new dig site!

Going with Mongolia, which has Velociraptors, Gallimimus, and Homocepheble.

Old age finally gets them. I sort of like how cool they're positioned. We're also making better progress this time around, you may notice. This is partially because I remembered to do something I didn't do last time:

With attractions, they have a slider with certain "labels", like "Play window", "Thrill Window", "Scenic Window" and so forth. Setting a label more accurate to what you can see from the window draws more people to actually use it then the general "View Window" or "View Dome" or "View Tower" etc.

Placing some carnivore feeders out there in the wilds. I don't have any carnivores out there yet, or even the fencing done. So why am I doing it? When goats are released monthly, they don't dissapear as time goes on; they just wander around the entire area alive and still eatable. Building up a goat population for our predators,

Well well, what's that there?


I built an additional hatchery in the free range area just for convenience.

It took me awhile, but the High Security Fencing is complete. Expensive stuff it is. Thus we have a free range area with our first Safari ride (of 5 possible, as well as baloon rides) done.

Three stars means another dig site, and also that we're entering into the most "creative fun" part of the game. We've got enough fossils and money coming in to "go hog wild" essentially now. And for awhile, I've been working on maxxing as much DNA on as many Dinosaurs as possible. Here's what we have available to us right now for the free-range:

So far we've only created two of those, so we've got alot of new species we can introduce into the park for massive bonus in park reputation. I'd like to introduce one species at a time since you can A. QUe up a bunch of them at a time and B. I can use the Helicopter's marshall sonic thing to drive them to a corner of the island so I can introduce another, potentially hostile species in with little bloodshed at the start.

Here's the research percentages as longevity of those dinosaurs so far:

Some are ALOT longer living then others, and thus more monentarily effecient in terms of having to re-purchase them. With a massive population of Dionsaurs I'm going to have to begin research on gun security turrets and more vaccines (as well as the ability to "retire" dinosaurs ie normal bullets), so as to cut off any perhaps disasterous costs of poo poo hitting the fan.

So what Dinosaurs do you think we should get first, what order, and how many to start off with?

In addition, we need to pick an additional dig site:

If you know a specific Dinosaur you want, we can do that too, of course.