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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

by Zorak

Part 5

One of our new rest areas. I also start introducing around 12 Dryosaurs to the Safari area, which I didn't screenshot. I also started mining in the Tengunduru area, which has Kentosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Allosaurus

Since these guys are at 100%, I decide to introduce them while we wait on getting 100% on the Velociraptor DNA. You might notice that this is Hatchery #4, which I placed to help with the displacement around of Herbivores? But wait, what's Hatchery #3!? More on that later

Gallimimus have a funny walk. Just pointing that out.

I introduced some Torosaurus and Paras while I was at it. I like how much these guys are intermingling, makes for some good pictures.

There are three Dinosaurs in this picture, can you point them all out?

Just a nice view, not much else.

While we continue working on the Velociraptor, we get our first bit of Allosaur DNA.

These guys too have finally reached 100%. Might as well, eh? It'll be nice to have a strong, diverse herbivore population in here.

Cute little guys

Three and a half stars, and I haven't even been working on giving park goers anything new. But what's that in the background... is that Hatchery #3? But why would have surrounded it by hills and a fence and have three predator feeders placed inside to release goats every so often, even though there are no predators inside it?

Since we're at random so popular, I might as well just raise the entry fee, eh? $780 -> $5000 is a wee bit of a jump but what the hell

Cha-ching. I've also researched and introduced a Security Camera system in the park inside the Heavy Security Fencing. Now we'll now if any of the Dinosaurs manage to break in.

Where the gently caress are the god drat raptor fossils already? I've devoted all of our teams to the search now.

Finally by popular demand, the slow but majestic Stegosaurus. They're pretty cool guys, though very slow moving.

View of a bunch of our Dinos together.

The Balloon Tour will turn out to be, when we add one, a great addition to the park. It's similiar to the Safari Tour except it's floating in the air. It can fly over enclosures with (little) danger, other then went it breaks down and lands in the middle of the enclosure, forcing us to send the helicopter to the rescue.

We need to get a large Carnivore made sometime. They're just badass.

Disease happens. Bumblefoot causes our Dinosaurs to walk slower and harder, and be in a great deal of pain. It can be potentially fatal, if let go long enough. Luckily I've been spending spare research time on vaccines, so our helicopter can just vaccinate the species from the air.

Getting a little desperate on getting the rest of the Velociraptor DNA now. No fossils are turning up on the market, and we're not finding anything on the dig, so now I've started buying Amber of the same age from the same area in hopes that its Raptor DNA. Amber has a higher DNA content, but it's more expensive/ rarer, and if you harvest it and it contains DNA of a Dinosaur you have at 100%, you are out of luck and money.

It was Gallimimus DNA.

The Safari Ride breaks down for no real reason alot, forcing us to drive it back to the Ride-Start. It likes to break down two feet from it too

Where the hell is the Raptor DNA seriously. I split the groups for the hell of it.

Great deal less people in the park now a days, with the increase price. I guess I'll lower it.

But not too much.

Current mini-map (sorry Tyrs )

Bigger image with some locations marked. The green dots with yellow within are Herbivores. Quite spread out now.

Since these guys now have hit 100%, and we're STILL waiting to find Raptor DNA ( ), I add one. They're friends with Stegosaurus.

Here's one hanging out with a Stegosaurus.

Our three Homalocephalae tend to keep away from the other dinosaurs, staying to themselves.

Look at all the goats in the Hatchery #3 enclosure. So happy...

So oblvious...


Seven or so will do for now, I think. An effective pack number.

And there he is, our first Velociraptor. Cute little guy really.

... That wasn't so cute.

Or that either for that matter.

They're not even eating them, they're just killing the goats for the fun of it. Chillosaurus only ate when he was hungry! wned:

I don't think these goats are going to last as long as I thought anymore...

Run goats, run!

I think we've created a bunch of blood-thirsty bastards. Effecient ones at that.

Not as long at all... They've only been created like two minutes now and already they're just ripping the Goat population to pieces. That's... pretty drat good.

And so the Velociraptor pack begins already to make its mark on Jurassic Park. I wonder how long it'll take them to notice the fencing and try to either break it or jump over it... or perhaps we should solve that problem for them...

Furthermore, should we add more Safari Rides, perhaps a Balloon Ride? Perhaps introduce our large Carnivore to the board? Brachiosaurus is almost at 100%, so we can introduce that soon as well. Any Dinosaurs we currently have you want me to bolster the population of? Up to you guys