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Part 6

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On with this

The predator feeders have been running on overtime by themselves. Technology > Raptors

Getting there.


Giant Cameras watch the Raptor enclosure for no real reason at all.

Baloon rides follow a few waypoint markers in a circular path. Basically an aerial waypoint based Safari Ride.

Broke down again. Did you know that you can kill smaller Dinosaurs (Gallimimus, Dryosaurs, Velociraptors etc) by running them over? It's pretty "gently caress yes".

Allosaur fossils galore.

We've reached four stars, so why not?

Almost done on the research end.

I just like how that screenshot turned out. Arcanthrosaurus.

Oh poo poo watch out cow!

As you might notice, they spent most of their graphics budget on the Carnivores.

Guess I should makes these soon too, eh?

Starting to wander south...

My research on Avoidance Beacon, sonic devices with a recharging charge that causes Dinosaurs to move away makes it sort of pointless to use the little walls I threw up for no real reason other then to annoy the guy.

Raptor Update: Still killing sheep. Seem satisfied enough that they don't care about the cage walls.

Increasing these guy's population count.

Repelled. I'll probabally turn the repellers off soon for the heck of it.

Emerge, Brachiosaurus!

Mini-Map update

Increasing some general dino populations around the park. I've got spare money to blow, and it seems my modifications to unlock all the dig sites at Star #4 didn't work.

<RedChocobo> goddamn that's a huge loving dino

Might as well give him free reign of the park for now.

Just liked how the Balloon reflected in the water.

They're all so happy

We have only one of this guy so might as well fill up a bit.

I guess the machines are mightier and faster then the raptors! Well, I'll fix that then!

As Louis L'amour once put it, fighters must be hungry.

Oh poo poo he's Rampaging D: Who will deal with this horrible menace?

Maybe after a nap he'll feel better.

Raptors are sort of just chilling out right now. There's still some Goats in the area for them to feed on.

Whelp, it looks like he collaypsed into a coma during his nap. I'll have the helicopter wake him up I guess.

Looks like we're getting there. :|

They're pretty drat tall.

Making some Gallimimus to hang out with the Brachiosaurus'.

Adding a new Safari ride. This certainly doesn't look unsafe!

Nope, not unsafe at all.

Another giant predator available to us.


Decided to make a second entrance, to cover some other parts of the island with safari rides.

Paras ahoy. Hopefully they'll give our Acrocanthosaurus some attention.

Some shorter dinos are too retarded to realize "hey, if there are no trees left in this area, I should move to another area!"

I have the money to burn now. :I

Stegosaurus nooo

This looks like a safety hazard...

Oh poo poo Rabies. Rabies makes our dinos go crazy and start limping, attacking any and anything, included same species Dinosaurs.

Like that.

Velociraptors are unique of the dinosaur species in this game that they have a bathroom animation, and you can see their poo poo. Amazing what technology can do now a days, eh?

gently caress, you too? That isn't good. I knocked him out so I could think of a solution.

Might as well move him while he's out of it. Could put him by the Hatchery he came out of it.

And he goes on a rampage. This can't end well.

He's just killing everything he can now.


I should do something about the Raptor and Arcanthrosaurus before they manage to spread their thing. The Raptor killed another Raptor even.

MORE GALLIMIMUS! They're cheap and they might be some good bait for the Acrocanthosaurus.

gently caress.

Well, at least the Raptor fell into a coma.

At least one problem delt with itself.

The rampaging T-Rex wannabe was cool at first, but okay, now something has to be done. Sooner or later.

I decided that I was tired of keeping the raptors in their enclosure. BE FREE MY BLOODY SONS! CONSUME TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!

At least this is going to be done... in a month or so. :/

I guess I could retire the T-Rex wanna be myself.

Chopper Zorak to base, taking off.

... gently caress, I just realized I haven't researched "retire" yet. Might as well now...

As I'm flying towards the Arcrocanthosaurus, I scope the Velociraptors checking out the fact that their enclosure isn't as enclosing anymore.

Oh poo poo, right in the act.

Night night, crazy fucker. Still can't kill him though (literally can't)

Pretty pictures

Pretty sure I'm going to have to close the park for a bit to get the guys out of this section. All its doing is drawing people away from my money making area in the main part of the park.

I guess the Arcrocanthosaurus woke up. I put him back to sleep again until Retire can finish researching...

Which was about thirty seconds later. :/

Something unsportsmanly about shooting it while its asleep... I'll wait.

Think I can hit that Para over there?

Boom. Down for the count.

Oh poo poo, I guess he woke up while I was sniping

Die fucker, die.

Funny enough, the screenshot I took as I headshotted him with "blood out the back" happened without the crosshairs or the effect. This image is the split second look of a Dinosaur that just had its brains blown out by a high powered rifle.

Well, that does that then.

Repopulation away!

... eh?

gently caress. I guess playing big game hunter in your park = unethical.


This part of the park is only drawing customers from the main. Closing it until everyone leaves this part, then bull dozing it all. Get out you guys

I guess I missed one.

Well I guess I'll get you out of here then

Rescue-Ring equipped.

The corpse is starting to deteriorate.

... Lady, you realize half of the buildings are bulldozed here, and there's no park enterance on this side? Fine, I'll bulldoze everything and see if you THEN don't want to be saved.

Yeah that's what I thought.

The Chopper does it automatically. I'm sure as hell not doing it. :|

That dealt with, I reopen the park.

The Raptors are out and about now. The pack is staying together, but one Raptor is off by its lonesome by the herbivores.

I got nothing. :| Too many god drat images okay?

More retarded Dryosaurs

Adding a Brachiosaurus to the inner area to see if I can get a quick rating up with it being five star.

The lone Velociraptor. He seems pretty happy right now, I wonder why?

... oh.

Yeah, I don't know, I just sort of followed this raptor around for awhile. It's hypnotic.

Ever wonder how a Brachiosaurus manages to drink? Very ackwardly.

The pack is just eating goats really, they haven't learned their lone brother's taste for Dinosaurs yet, I think.

Trying to boost our reputation quick for no real reason.

After-kill napping, I guess, haha.

Aaaannnyways, this park is starting to exhaust its options. Parks don't take too long to play to completion sadly, but there's plenty of fun we can have with this park and with the game still

So, do we play to completion as is? Do we boost our predator and herbivore population critically and then play to completion? Boost our Predator population, then artificially induce them into berserk with a code? Or perhaps just go on a hunting spree and shoot everything down ? We could release just a poo poo ton of Raptors in the inner enclosure then send them berserk as well for hilarious antics. Up to you guys.