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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

by Zorak

Part 7

Annnnd here we go:

From the bones of time, be reborn Allosaurus!

Stegosaurus and Torosaurus are starting to get more vicious towards the raptors. The herbivores are fighting back.

Fiesty fella, eh?

But here comes the challenger!


There can only be one King of our Jurassic Park, and it is apparently Acrocanthosaurus.

I decided to make some Ceratosaurus' over where the Raptor enclosue was.

I make an Allosaurus over by our Brachiosaurus area as well, on the exact opposite side of the park of our Acrocanthosaurus. :|

Various entries and things I decide to make to "fill up" some space.

Its a funny thing, no Dinosaurs at all seem to want to gently caress with Brachiosaurus' because they're so loving huge.

It's a map!

The car gets stopped sometime by dinosaurs in the way, forcing them to beep until they move. Also, while the automated ride never does it, when you personally drive, you can run over the smaller dinosaurs like Raptors/Dryosaurus/Gallimimus and kill them. Fun stuff that.

Mad points taken from the baloon ride.

Ceratosaurus' venturing out and about.

<RedChocobo> goddamn is that... brachiosaur (?) far away or is that theropod really that big?
<Zorak> That's a Brachiosaurus Red yes

Acrocanthosaurus apparently doesn't like the Safari ride. Eh, there's always critics.

Hm... I guess I could have the chopper come over and rescue her.

Meanwhile, we're on the way back up. I buy a new car for that ride. What danger?

That's pretty ruined.

Decided to spread out our Brachiosaurus population, since nothing attacks them.

This raptor at random goes crazy and starts attacking the other raptors. It manages to reduce the entire raptor population down to 3. Amazing huh?

Most raptors wouldn't try this since a Stegosaurus can take you out just as easily as one of them could take out it. The raptor is hurt pretty bad but...

It comes out victorious. I send it to sleepy-land to settle down.

Various population increasing things.

The raptors are pretty spread out now, not in an organized pack. They managed to get heavily killed by Torosaurus' and also when the one went on a rampage.

Current Dinosaur populations.

Might as well recover our Raptor population.

Lots of Dinos in this pic.

If you've ever wondered late at night how an Allosaurus would eat a Gallimimus, now you've got your answer.

I forgot about this: If you take high quality pictures of Dinosaurs, you can make poo poo tons of money off of them.

I was getting tired with how long vaccinating took.

* Now talking in #byob
<Zorak> BYOB give me a random comment for this image tia
<saado|gardening> Zorak: this is a unix system I know this!

Torosaurus' kick major rear end.

Savin' dis.

Might as well bump the price while I'm at it. No reason to finish the game right away, right?

Oh wait... game won folks. :| I suppose I'll hit continue.

Raptors seem to be an endangered breed now a days.

Acrocanthosaurus killed this Ceratosaurus and is now eating him.

Hum... I suppose its time to spice up this game.

Doot doot doot... Apparently I didn't build by High Security walls into the water enough, since some Paras got around it. Funny how I didn't notice that til now, huh. But those walls are there for another purpose.

What do you mean there are people still on this side of the fence. Oops!

Need more hatcheries in here

Send in the Raptors!

Wait, didn't I already use a line like this already? Crap.


Oh there'll be more fatalities, there'll be more... Funniest thing about security shelters is, people will wander out of them the second a dinosaur moves six feet away from them, only to be killed before they wander back inside. Too bad I don't have that security warning up, eh?

Well everything is safe now I'll just wander out and...

Oh poo poo you mean the Raptors didn't dissolve into the air when I was inside!?

Truly an endangered breed.

I guess one or two people were smart enough.

More Raptors!

You can see a guy running on a path AWAY from the shelter while there are raptors nearby. Smart.

Cant tell well from this zoom, but there are ALOT of raptors down there.

Oh poo poo about 30% of the Carnivores at random in the park went on a rampage how could this happen!

And a Tornado too!? How could such a crazy circumstance happen at the same time without some sort of external guidance!?!

Velociraptor apparently is better then Ceratosaurus.

Here it comes...

It picked up a bunch of people.

And a couple Torosaurus' and some Velociraptors and

Er... wow.

A tornado raging only a couple blocks away, new victims enter the park unwittingly and happily.

It grabbed a Ceratosaurus

That's some heavy damage. But it could have been worse, I suppose.

Brachiosaurus are apparently too heavy for Tornados to pick up.

Raptors aren't! Nor are Paras!

Go Tornado go!

Look at it toss everything around

Red areas are damaged buildings.

Bye bye entrance!

Um... Security Shelters that people are lodged in right now?

Check out all the emails. Apparently the baloon ride crashed too, lets check that out.

Oh poo poo run lady run!

Hey, where'd it go...

Haha, it collaypsed into a coma. Now thats some luck.

Someone isn't happy to see that raptor!

More people senselessly wandering out of their shelter since the alarms aren't on. A few second laters they're set upon by Raptors.

Need some bigger hunters in the inner enclosure for fun

Look at all those raptors.

Raptors are too chicken to attack something big like the Acrocanthosaurus.

Acrocanthosaurus has no such reservations.

The second Acrocanthosaurus we made wanders about.

Large predators of the same species apparently don't so much fight as ward each other off.

Yep, the Raptors pretty much just run around and don't attack them. Man, I wonder where all this money of mind is coming from?

Oh poo poo another Tornado!? Clearly god is passing his wrath towards us for our trepassing upon his providence!

Sheesh, everyone over there seems so unhappy except for one...

Oh wait, its just the Brachiosaurus'.

Here comes the tornado.

Looks like it grabbed something... oh wait, its just a goat. Goats make this really unnerving sound when they're being tossed around by dinos or tornadoes.

Wahhh we're getting eaten we didn't pay for this blah blah blah. WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS!?

Diversifying our slaughter.

Oh poo poo rampage :0

What always cracks me up is, if a Dinosaur you've clicked gets eaten, while being swallowed the camera follows to the dinosaurs' stomache before breaking.

My "mysterious" money source seems satisfactory enough for our benefactors.

Brachiosaurus > Tornado.

Not enough carnivores showing interest at the people that are left.

Carnivore lures should do the job.

I was bored. One shot, one kill.

I have an idea!

Its the Ceratosaurus' turn to add to the slaughter!

Sup Ceratosaurus?

loving ranger helicopters rescuing people on their own, GOING OVER MY HEAD. I'll fix that!

Run dudes run!

Adding an Allosaurus to the equation. Only four people left!

Oh poo poo I think he sees you guys!

Don't worry guys, he's just going to rest!

Oh wait, nevermind, get running.

Sniff... the lady trembles, afraid for her life.

The lady screams for her live, but its drowned out by the Allosaurus' cutting teeth. Well... you know what I mean.

Only three left. Oh no!

Oh poo poo an Allosaurus run!

Another tornado!?! (ps: left, up, right, down, [, ] )

It's a map!

I don't think Chrissie is doing too well right now haha.

... Holy poo poo. That's just epic.

It dissipates before it can do anymore damage

Only one left. I'm destroying this hatchery because I need it.

No idea how he died though actually. Exposure, fear, Ceratosaurus? Who knows.

There's Jackie. Hi Jackie!

Oops! Looks like you're cornered, girl>

This will be interesting.

Don't worry hun, I'm sure nothing will happen. By any chance, is anyone here from Rhode Island?

I think you'll have some housing open soon...

See, it's just smelling you!

Oh wait

Boy I was wrong. I think I'm out of park visitors to kill.

And that does that folks. Park over.

Acrocanthosaurus victory strut.

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