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Original Thread: Sequel? What Sequel? Let's Finish Just Cause 2



What is it?
It's an open world, mission-based sandbox game about a guy with a momentum-cancelling hookshot and infinite parachutes. Also something about southeast Asia and dictators and modern Western imperialism, but who gives a shit about that when you've got a hookshot and parachute? I sure don't.

What kind of LP is this?
This is in no way a serious game, so this will be in no way a serious LP. I'm going to spend a lot of time trying to do stuff that looks cool, and not a lot of time thinking about the paper-thin 'story' that strings the action along.

Are you going to 100% the game?
Maybe if you paid me, but otherwise fuck no.

Is there going to be any thread participation?
Well, you can pay me to 100% the game.

Aside that.
Of course. In a game as silly as this, I have fuck all to talk about in an informative manner, so I'm going to have guest commentators join me in... pretty much every video, if I can manage it. If you're interested, just post in the thread or hit me up on Skype (same username).

What if we just want to participate from the thread?
There will still be chances there, too! The missions are focused around three factions, so everyone will have the chance to vote on which faction we do missions for. Additionally, I am a sucker for fan art and stuff like that, and may think of some way to reward contributions of that nature.

This seems oddly familiar.
Shut up.


Episode 1: Tutorial Mission - featuring Lt. Dans Legs
Episode 2: Tutorial Mission 2: Tutor Harder - featuring Lt. Dans Legs
Episode 3: Meeting People - featuring Waffleman_
Episode 4: Blowjob from Bolo - featuring Brassherald
Episode 5: Wild Car Safari - featuring Brassherald
Episode 6: Banana Car - featuring Manic_Misanthrope
Episode 7: Reaper Madness - featuring Occultatio
Episode 8: Shocking Surprise - featuring xenoveritas
Episode 9: Mile High Clones - featuring myxlplykx
Episode 10: Sir Dadu - featuring myxlplykx
Episode 11: May Be Offensive to Peter Dinklage - featuring myxlplykx
Episode 12: Fleeting Suspicions - featuring sermonfire
Episode 13: Slight Delay - featuring CJacobs
Episode 14: She Drives Me Crazy - featuring Dr. Snark
Episode 15: Better Missions - featuring Dr. Snark
Episode 16: Just Cause 3 Apparently Sucks - featuring xenoveritas
Episode 17: Tuk Tuk Boom Boom - featuring live commentary
Episode 18: The Final Strongholds - featuring CJacobs
Episode 19: Voice Acting Takes Flak - featuring HerpicleOmnicron5
Episode 20: Needs More Boom - featuring Xeno426
Episode 21: Better Call Saul (Sukarno) - featuring Liquid Dan (AKA Danaru)
Episode 22: Roaches Part 1 - featuring xenoveritas
Episode 23: Roaches Part 2 - featuring xenoveritas
Episode 24: The Final Factions - featuring CJacobs
Episode 25: Not a Moment Too Soon - featuring Waffleman_
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