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Part 4: Uncle Vanya

Update 2 – Uncle Vanya

We're heading to our apartment to visit our uncle and pick up our money. Never a good idea to investigate with an empty wallet.

This is the artwork that appears when traveling between locations.

I love you too, uncle.

Home sweet home. I've lived here since I was a child.

Inspect Vanya
Hale if not hearty

I hope you're well, uncle.

That's my uncle. Always exaggerating.

Inspect Yegor
Gora never seems to change!

That's my uncle's caretaker. They served together in Afghanistan.

Hello, Yegor Yegorovitch.

Play chess with me, uncle.

Ouch. Sounds like he needs a nap. Anyway, I need some money. Not a good idea to travel with an empty wallet.


Maybe you should take a rest, uncle.
When I need your advice, Maksim Mikhailovich, I'll tell you.

Point noted. Let's take a look around.

Inspect the armchair
It was Vanya's favorite before he was crippled.

Inspect the painting
Honest Soviet workers at toil.

Inspect the lamp
Modern. It thrusts upwards in the positive style associated with Soviet outlook.

Inspect the photo
Vanya and your father in uniform. 1979.

The two greatest spetsnaz I've ever known. I'm not sure if I'll ever measure up to them, but I'll try my best.

Inspect the samovar
It's been in the family for countless generations.

My mother used to brew tea on that old thing. Whenever I woke up, she always had a pot ready. I don't really drink tea anymore, just vodka.

Ask about...your parents' deaths

I would have hunted down and executed the terrorist scum myself, but Viktor Galushkin beat me to it. He is lucky to be alive. He was supposed to come with us that day, but had to fly up to Tashkent on short notice, just an hour or two before.

So my new boss helped avenge my parents. I'll have to thank him when I meet him.

Talk about...the political situation
I see that fool Gorbachev's still on vacation. The Soviet Union falls to bits and Mikhail Sergeivich sunbathes!

Ask for...advice
You're working for the chekists, Maks, so make sure you tell them what they want to hear.

Talk about...your mission
Do not waste time, Maks. See that you give satisfaction.

I'll let him get his rest. I'll go get some money from my room, and then I'll be going.

Inspect the bedroom
Your room is as usual.

Can't hurt to take a change of clothes.

Inspect the clothes
Casual wear for off-duty activities, etc...
Inspect the drawer
Looks fine. You find 60 dollars.

Doesn't hurt to bring some spending power, either.

Inspect the bed
Old and creaky.
Inspect the photo
You, age 12, with your parents.

I still miss them sometimes.

Inspect the books
All your favorite childhood Soviet heroes: Batcomrade, Supercomrade, Spidercomrade, Tractorcomrade...

Good old Tractorcomrade. Well, I've got everything I need.

Except for booze.

We take another swig.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

No time to get sober. We head out to Golitsin's office.

Here I am at 17 Red October Street. Dreary place. To recap: I'm here to investigate the suspicious death of a private detective named Golitsin, who was an ex-KGB agent.

I'll ask the questions, comrade.

Damn militia. I'm wearing my uniform. You'd think that would be enough.

Let's see your papers, comrade.

Inspect Loginov
A dutiful citizen.

Anything to tell me?
Nothing, comrade.
Don't attempt to withhold vital clues, comrade! Come in and help me look around.
My orders are to remain here.
Your uncooperative attitude will be noted What do you know about Golitsin?

It's more than you need to know. Let me know if anyone shows up.
Show more respect, comrade.

Time to head inside.

Right now, I'm looking for anything that would make this case relevant to the KGB. Any excuse for us to get involved.

We check the filing cabinet.

I'll be taking these. For...investigative purposes, of course.

Inspect the vodka bottle
It's half-empty.

Or half-full. Whichever.

That hits the spot. I wonder if this raincoat has anything of use.

We find two dollars in there.

Hmm. American dollars. You can use these to buy stuff on the black market... or so I hear.

Inspect the dollars
Imperialist currency. You have in your possession: 62 dollars.

Inspect the books
Foreign titles. All concern stunning success in business.

Inspect the trashcan
A number of crushed cockroaches lie in the bottom of the trashcan. It seems to have already been searched by a professional.

Looks like someone's already been through here. Damn militia, poking their noses where they don't belong. Or was it the militia?

We check the phones.

Inspect the bug
A miniature listening device of western origin with a light diode that is currently off.

Intriguing. Western origin, eh? Sounds like foreign spies. That sounds relevant to national security. Looks like it's already been disabled, though. This will be something to present to Major Vovlov.

We check out the drawer.

Locked? The militia were probably in here earlier. Loginov might have picked up a key.

We head outside to ask for Loginov's key.

Ask for...the key to Golitsin's drawer

Well, that was easy.

Inspect the newspaper cutting
It's an article cut from an American paper. It shows a photo of Golitsin and the copy deals in exaggerated terms with the spread of private business in the USSR.

Sounds like Golitsin was a bit of a free-market type. I doubt that endeared him to his superiors.

Inspect the recorder
A Japanese-made micro-cassette recorder.

That would be useful if I had any micro-cassettes. Wait a minute. I see something through that window.

Inspect the window

Was he watching me this whole time? I have a very bad feeling about this case. I'm going after him.

We try to chase after him. Just as we start to leave, a woman shows up.

Damn it. All right, I'll talk to her.