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KGB aka Conspiracy

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Part 5: Update 2 Bonus

Update 2b - Bonus

Uncle Vanya

Talk about...the KGB
Bunglers! They always got in the GRU's way. Notably in Afghanistan. And these days they don't even know what they're supposed to be doing, so they're at each other's throats.

Surely even the KGB must adapt to democracy!
No one can adapt to chaos, my boy.


We are not all slaves to perestroika, uncle.
Glad to hear it, my boy.

Talk about...the Party
What Party? That blasted Gorbachev has reduced the Party to a pack of snarling curs.

We in the Party must adapt to current realities.
What piffle! You sound like the blasted newspapers.


Poor uncle Vanya! The world has left you behind.
Insolent puppy! I'm glad your father can't hear you.

Talk about...M.S. Gorbachev

What are you talking about, uncle?
It's in Pravda, I tell you! Every day there are stories of profiteers and traitors!
He may not be perfect, but he's on the right track.
I dread to think where his blasted track will head us!


With any luck, he'll soon be kicked out!
An iron fist, my boy. It's the only solution.

Talk about...young people

You're exagerating, uncle. They merely want democracy and a better life.
They want a stiff dose of military discipline!


What a bitter old man you've become, uncle!
What an insolent brat you've become since you joined the chekists!

Talk about...TV

It's high time we copied the west!
Go and eat a hamburger, you oaf.


The Party cannot expect to retain control of all broadcasting.
That's the tragedy.

Talk about...Yegor

Talk about...the micro-cassette

It seems to involve a member of the KGB in strange activities.
Not surprising. I don't want to know any more.
I shouldn't have mentioned it, uncle. Forgive me. You are the only person I trust, you see.
Thank you, Maks. Remember, though, that I'm no longer in GRU and cannot really be of help.

You can use the mirror in Rukov's room. Each time you click one of the options, a random phrase pops up and a minute passes by.

You observe yourself:

Perfectly adapted for reproductive tasks.
Aaargh! You need a long holiday at the black sea.
Who knows; he may one day be the father of your children.
What a specimen of Soviet manhood!
Vanity is a symptom of capitalist decadence!

You place yourself under visual surveillance:

Perhaps you should follow him?
Good idea. Report anything suspicious.
Welcome to the club.

You smarten yourself up:

Dirt is antisoviet deviationism.
Correct attitude demands cleanliness.
Soviet womanhood, here comes Rukov!

You make highly amusing faces at yourself:

Inappropriate, Rukov. And frivolous.
Time is a precious resource, comrade!
Your true self is finally revealed.

Other stuff:

Talking to yourself:

When you try to hide behind someone:

When you give yourself money:

You can try attacking various people.

Belov or Vovlov:


Golitsin's sister:

By the way, Uncle Vanya is the name of a famous Russian play.