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Part 7: Update 3 Bonus

Update 3b - Bonus


Talk about...crime

Keeps you in a job!
That is true, comrade.

Talk about...Moscow nightlife

That's progress, comrade!

Talk about...private investigators
So long as they obey the law, comrade.

Talk about...TV
I watch the sports.

Irina Romaschova

A friend of your brother's.
I don't remember ever seeing you with Pyotr. Where is he?

Ask about...herself

I'm not surprised. Such men are usually sexual deviants.

Talk about...the weather
I'm not very interested in weather at the moment, comrade.

Talk about...perestroika

It's a difficult period for honest families.
And all the political upheaval. Let's hope it works out.

Talk about...private enterprise

And your brother was a pioneer, comrade!


Indeed. At least the future of your children is safe in your hands.

Talk about...the Party

Remember, comrade, that the Party has given us democracy!

Talk about...TV

A Soviet mother's work is as unending as the steppe!

If you say you discovered nothing unusual:

If you say you didn't get anything out of the chat with Irina:

If you say you were given the tape, but don't have it:

If you say you didn't listen to the tape:

Yes, Vovlov will be pissed at you regardless of what you say. If you say you didn't, it's game over.

If you get the name of the contact wrong:

If you're at least an hour late reporting back to Major Vovlov:

If you use your service weapon on yourself:

You wait for official authorization:


You waste a human resource:

Wasting a human resource, obviously, results in a game-over. Prashchay means goodbye, I'm pretty sure.

Here's what happens when you try to pursue the watcher:

Drinking right in front of Vovlov: