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Part 37: Update 16 Bonus

Kopijeger posted:

It is the local KGB office. If Rukov can stash his equipment there undisturbed, anyone could plant gear to spy on the building or even a bomb in the same location. The most reasonable solution would probably be to go to the park ahead of time and hide the gear there.

I guess you could just pretend Rukov left the gear in his car or something.

Update 16 Bonus


Your superiors have a low opinion of you.
If that is so, then they must be right. My abilities are undoubtedly inferior to those of captain Chapkin, whose excellence has correctly been noticed by his father-in... by colonel Kusnetsov. Now, I must get down to the work I seem to do so poorly. Goodbye, comrade.

You leave as requested.

Upstairs Guard

Vigilance at all times!

Stand at ease.

So you're Rukov, are you?
Precisely. And you are Kusnetsov!
Why, you insolent puppy! Guard!

Same thing happens if you tell him you'll report his attitude to your superiors.

What happens if the guard takes the dossiers off of you:

I've just been informed about what was taken from you downstairs. It seems clear that your superiors are hostile to Department 7. You'll appreciate that I can't be expected to help you in your schemes! Guard!

From there, the same stuff happens as when you're insolent towards Kusnetsov.

If the guard takes the microphone off of you, it's broken when you get it back. No game over, but the game becomes unwinnable at this point.
Sorry, comrade. I think I broke your microphone. I'm so clumsy!