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Part 49: Update 22 Bonus

Thanks for linking to that crazy Russian artist. Shame I can't read Russian. Still, bookmarked.

Update 22 Bonus

Alternate Savinkov introduction. This one is much longer, and happens if you wait for him outside your room.

I'm major Savinkov, your controller. We are both a little early! Let's go to your room and talk. Here, by the way, is my ID.

I see you're comfortably provided for, captain. The Soviet Union looks after its guard dogs well, don't you find? Long may it continue to do so... Though we will certainly be forced to forge ourselves a new image! Guide dogs, perhaps; so much more positive. Or even...

Motioning you to remain silently where you are, he slips into the corridor, closing the door softly behind him.

Almost immediately, Savinkov opens the door and drags in an inert form wearing a raincoat and a brown hat.

I noticed him coming into the hotel. What aroused my suspicion was his friend who stayed down in the street and began staring at your window! I was unhappily forced to kill this brute, since he was waving a gun about. I wonder where he came from, eh? That would be an interesting lead.

You can try attacking Savinkov when he first drags Viktor's body into your room.

It's quite possible to scare off Burlatski using the phone.

: Matsnev speaking. What's happening?
Matsnev? You're not Viktor!

The line goes dead.


Our friend in Hammer and Sickle street will be happy!
Hammer and Sickle street...? You're not Viktor!

The line goes dead.


What's the boss's phone number?
The boss? Wait a...

The line goes dead.


Viktor had an accident.

The line goes dead.


The job done?
Good. Nothing moving down here. See you later.

The line goes dead.


The job done?
What the hell? I saw him go up!
He must've changed his mind.
Hell! Let's meet up like we said.

The line goes dead.

There are several conversation paths that can get Burlatski to come up, in addition to the one shown in the main update. I'm not going to show them, because they're all pretty similar. Even more similar than the ones I just posted.

If you open the door for him:

If he comes in and sees Viktor's body:

Seeing his colleague's body, the man in the corridor runs away.

If Viktor's body is hidden, and the lights are off, but you haven't put on the raincoat and hat:

Burlatski will flee if the lights are turned on, the body isn't hidden, and you aren't wearing Viktor's raincoat and hat. Anyway, if you do anything to scare off Burlatski, whether on the phone or in the bedroom:

If you take too long to call Burlatski:

A few years trudging around an arctic island, guarding a fish-processing plant from saboteurs, may help towards your rehabilitation. I wouldn't count on it, though.


The Merry Marauder posted:

I can only imagine the repetition of "Renko" is a reference to Arkady Renko, Muscovite detective of Gorky Park (and a series of sequels) fame.

V. Illych L. posted:

I thought that guy was our handler? Why is he a stone cold murdering motherfucker if he's just the handler oh god

Tevery Best posted:

I'm sorry you missed the memo on what it means to be KGB.