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Part 59: Update 27 Bonus

Update 27 Bonus


Now, how do you want me to take you to heaven?
Use your imagination, Natasha. For $50, I expect the best.


Actually, I just want to talk.
What do you want me to do?
Lick your lips suggestively.


What do you want me to do?
Just be understanding.


What do you want me to do?
Give answers to my questions.
Do you know a Viktor Sliunkov or Piotr Burlatski?
Never heard of them.
Do you work for somebody?
Of course. To work in this hotel, you need connections.
Do you always use this room?
Official connections, or mafia?
The best possible. Why do you want to know?
You've been paid. Tell me who the connection is.
I can't tell you. Who are you, anyway?
I'm a reporter, doing a story on vice.
I knew you were a reporter or something. I felt it.
Tell me about room 304.
That's Tamara's room. What's it to you?
A friend told me he had a good time in that room.
I'll tell Tamara that. Well, time's up, Lover. It's been a thrill talking to you.


Actually, I just want to talk.
You mean we exchange obscenities? That's fine by me, wolfie. But first I'll need $50.
You must quit this life of illegal iniquity!
Oh, no. A do-gooder! Just clear out, worm.


I'm KGB. Here's my ID.
Moscow. Forget it, Rukov. We're protected.
I need your help to stamp out a mafia gang.
You're KGB; that means you are part of a mafia gang. Get out, Rukov.


What tragic circumstances forced you to become what you are?
A low-paid job in a filthy factory, a room shared with two others, two showers for thirty people, and a communal kitchen. And I never met anyone exciting like you.

If you drink too much vodka:

If you tell Greenberg that you don't want anything to do with him:

That suits me, Rukov.


I want to know who your controller is.
Tell me where you went this afternoon.
The museum of the Revolution. I followed Verto there.
And I'm Batman. See you around, Rukov.


I want to know who your controller is.
That information is classified.
Tell me where you went this afternoon.
That information is classified.
So we don't cooperate. Maybe next time. See you around, Rukov.

When you go back to the lobby, you see him getting into the elevator.

The next time you go outside:

I wonder who that someone could be!