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Part 61: Update 28 Bonus

Update 28 Bonus

As you can probably guess, if you didn't switch back to voice-activated mode, or you didn't take the headphones off:

I'm ready to talk, comrade.

No matter what option we choose:

Something tells me you're stalling, Rukov.

This puzzle pretty much assumes that the player is killed by Chapkin at least once, because there isn't any warning to switch the recorder to voice-activated. Fortunately, they can't save during this sequence. That means the player can't get stuck in one of those unwinnable situations where they overwrite their only save. Presumably, they've already learned to save often in KGB, and in multiple slots.

Some other deaths:

You decide to attack him:

You decide to make a dive for the window:

Believe it or not, there's a gun pointing at you!
I could say the same thing about you, comrade.

He has the same response for 'You're mistaking me for someone else, comrade!' and 'You're making a grave mistake.'


It's too late, Chapkin. We have the proof!
It's never too late, Rukov, except where you're concerned.

Chapkin clubs you with his gun. Then you're answering questions. Then you die.

If you hide the recorder somewhere in the bathroom, and then say talk:

You explain to him it's just the recorder.

The bottom three options all lead to the same death.