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Part 68: Update 31 Bonus

Update 31 bonus

There are no optional conversations in this chapter, but plenty of

Our first (second, fourth etc) possible game over takes place in record time on the very first (technically second) screen of the chapter. The guard takes his duties very seriously.

But I'm sure that if Rukov turns around and flashes his KGB ID, he'll-

Welp. The guard also gives us a less harsh game over should Kapiton spot us:

The guard springs from his box on the jetty and aims his rifle at you. Some time later, the situation is cleared up and you return to Moscow in disgrace. You must have done something wrong, as the hangman may say.

Should we decide to change our minds once aboard and leave the ship via the gangplank:

The guard keeps you looking down the barrel of his rifle. The situation is cleared up some minutes later, but you return to Moscow in disgrace. Your insubordination was not appreciated!

If we miss our chance to slip past Kapiton and into the closet:

You see major Savinkov coming down the jetty with another man, clearly a seaman. They are about to board the Victor Matsnev.

The game plays a very cruel trick on you here. Savinkov gives the ship a brief inspection, fails to discover you, and then:

Down the jetty comes Obukov. He climbs aboard, carrying a cardboard box.

: You're a touch late, my friend. We should have been away by now.

: Forgive me, comrade major.

Obukov nods, turns towards the hatchway and goes down. Savinkov, looking determined, gives the place a thorough inspection. He soon discovers you...

: You could have quite easily sabotaged my work here, you know. Incompetence and insubordination - that's what I shall be forced to stress in my assessment of you. Return to Moscow, if you please; with officers like you, the state has little need of enemies!

There are no opportunities to slip away between the moment we see Savinkov and the moment he discovers us. The same spiel happens whenever and wherever we're spotted - be it on the jetty or even in the water beside the ship (!). As the game kindly hinted, any attempts to move about the decks during daytime will get you spotted automatically.

Something you may not have spotted in the chapter proper - for about 30 minutes after diving into the sea, Maks' sprite is waterlogged:

Should you barge in into the cabin, Fomichov will alert Savinkov. Even knocking the captain out won't change his speech script.

Kapiton is likely to suffer the most at the hands of a new player, as the temptation to knock him out may be overwhelming.

Savinkov has the same reaction as ever. But supposing you fight Kapiton after everyone checked on him?

About half and hour after getting knocked out, Kapiton comes around:

You can knock him out over and over - in fact, if you aren't hidden when he comes around, he'll attack you and get knocked out automatically:

But eventually he'll stagger past you and alert the crew.

Next up - should we fail to fix the engine, Savinkov and Fomichov will be on hand shortly.

: Looks like this pump belt needs replacing. Do you have another?

: I don't think so.

: Something else then? Let's have a look.

A different game over and Savinkov speech should you be discovered when the ship is at sea:

: Unfortunately, I cannot throw you into the sea; it is polluted enough already. Considered yourself under arrest, charged with attempted sabotage and gross insubordination.

You spend the night under lock and key in the forward sleeping cabin. The next day you return to Moscow, pending a hearing. The outlook is bleak.

The same text repeats no matter when or how Savinkov discovers you, regardless of how much of his shady dealings you may have observed.

Once darkness sets, you can climb up without being spotted - and barge into the navigators cabin:

That works out about as well as can be expected.

An exceptionally bright idea:

You can also barge in on Obukov.

He's not carrying anything of interest, and you can't dump the body overboard (if you knock out Kapiton while he's vomiting on the stern deck, the game simply refuses to recognize your attempts to dispose of him)

A few minutes later:

Savinkov, looking determined, gives the place a thorough inspection. He soon discovers you...

And we all know how that one goes by now. We can also barge in on the chatty gang in the rest-room cabin after the cases get on board. Notable for Wallace's epic bitchface sprite.

Outright stealing the cases, or their contents, also triggers a search by Savinkov.

As everyone gathers round (again) to spot the yellow light, you can knock out Obukov and Kapiton both.

To absolutely no reaction from anyone present. Stop hiding, go back and forth on deck, try to strike up a conversation... nada.

Kapiton will wake up and summon Savinkov in half an hour, as is his want, but should you knock out Obukov alone, the game will just break down. You can wait around for days and days, and nothing will happen.

The only way to end this farce is to seek out Savinkov in the rest room.

Once Wallace and Savinkov depart, Obukov and Fomichov deal with intruders in a far harsher manner.

The two men leap at you! You must have been too tired. Now you'll be able to sleep. For ever.

(I can't imagine writing the line above without a double emphasis on "forever" and an appropriate sound cue, but the game just lets it stand on its own.

If you jump overboard just before Leningrad in sight:

Finally, as the ship heads into port, you have a chance to knock out Kapiton and make your getaway before he comes around. Should you dawdle:

: not staying long.

what they're missing.

The story of how Maks ended up setting up the plot of Trainspotting will be told in KGB 2: Baltic Fleet Adventures.