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Kaizo Mario World 2

by 13/f/cali, AccountingNightmare, BEER BOTTLE BILL, Oyster, Proton Jon

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Original Thread: Kaizo Mario World 2: More Pokeys, more coinblocks, more swearwords! [VLP]



For some time now, LP'ers have had a great interest in playing romhacks. Some are amusing because they offer new items, bosses, or gameplay elements. Other romhacks, however, seem to exist only to cause the player increasing levels of frustration by pushing the difficulty to the limit. Many Super Mario World romhacks tried to do this. Sometimes there were gauntlets of enemies to fight, or heavy limitations on powerups. Maybe the player was meant to exploit glitches to come out ahead.

However, there was one romhack that stood above the rest. Instead of changing the gameplay or requiring glitches to be exploited, it was instead a brutal romhack requiring surgical levels of precision, in which one slight mistake collects a toll in lives.

That hack was known as Kaizo Mario World.

This hack prompted Psychedelic Eyeball, Proton Jon, Wugga, and many others to struggle with it for our amusement. Thousands of Marios died. Dozens of innocent Yoshis were flung into lava. The click of load state and rewind keys were drowned out by a constant stream of swear words. In the end, the LP'ers finished playing the hack and deleted it from their hard drives, believing the battle to be over.

Unfortunately, they were mistaken. As they celebrated their hard-earned victory, there was an individual in Japan working on a new rom hack...

Welcome to the Kaizo Mario World 2 LP Thread!

Invisible coin blocks, jumping football Koopas, and cheap death traps are this game's selling points. This hack is absolutely brutal. Save state abuse is both understandable and encouraged.

Warning: According to the Surgeon General, LP'ers should not play Kaizo Mario World without savestates because of the risk of brain aneurysms. Playing Kaizo Mario World impairs your ability to jump without fear of smacking your head into invisible blocks, and may cause health problems.

The crew of players is slightly different from last time, but the level of masochism will still be the same. We will be releasing videos of the game's levels as we play through. This time our player's list consists of:

-Proton Jon

God help us.

Hey, I would like to play too!

Wonderful! Just like last time, everyone is encouraged to download the .ips file and play along. Make some videos of yourself struggling along with us! When you have them up you can either post them in the thread or PM the video link to me and I will edit the link into the OP.

Right click, save as to download the patch. You will need to add .ips to the file name when you download it.

You will need Lunar IPS and a rom of Super Mario World in order to play. Simply use Lunar IPS and patch your rom with the .ips file and you're on your way to higher blood pressure with the rest of us!

Offical Videos

13/f/cali tests the waters with stage 1.Google
13/f/cali attempts a blind run of stage 2!Google
BEER BOTTLE BILL finishes the first two levels for a total of 58 points!Google
This is Oyster's brain. This is Oyster's brain on Kaizo Mario World. Any questions?Google
Oyster attempts to play an altered game in an altered state. (Stage 2)Google
Proton Jon undergoes a trial by ice in stage 5.Google
Then he follows it up with a trial by fire in stage 6.Google
Accounting Nightmare shows us she does not fear ghosts, or at least not enough that she can't finish stage 4!Google
13/f/cali slips and slides through stage 5!Google
13/f/cali plays stage 6 blind and finally starts to crack!Google
13/f/cali continues to suffer with a stage 7 blind run.Google
13/f/cali keeps on trucking in the halls of the stage 8 castle!Google
Oyster continues his attempts in stage 3!Google
For the second time, Oyster actually finishes a stage! (Stage 4)Google
Oyster brings us stage 5, continuing his trend of finishing stages!Google
Part 1 and Part 2 of Oyster's struggle with stage 6. A double-feature!Part 1 (Google) Part 2 (Google)
This is Oyster playing stage 7. He says you shouldn't watch it, so be forewarned!Google
A successful no save state attempt of the Yellow Switch Palace, brought to you by 13/f/cali.Google
Before watching this video of 13/f/cali playing stage 9, please ensure your safety harness is secure, and make sure to wear these safety goggles.Google
Oyster explores Bowser's Castle and has a swimming lesson!Google
Puzzles such as the Yellow Switch Palace are no match for Oyster's powers of not sucking!Google
13/f/cali finally beats the game with this blind run of the final level, but isn't done?Google
AccountingNightmare records a blind run of stage 8 in order to give us a valuable lesson in swimming with ghosts and various other annoyances.Google
13/f/cali takes on one last challenge- a dark run of the final stage!Google

Fan Content Videos

McKain: Kaizo Mario World 201: How To Painstakingly Keep MushroomsGoogle
Roar takes on stage one at all costs!Google
Megaspel teaches us that rom hacks are not hard at all if you just hack them a little more.Google Dailymotion
Wugga answers the call of Kaizo and plays stage one blind.Dailymotion
BEER BOTTLE BILL does awesome tricks in this TAS of levels 1 and 2.Google
K-ParAdoX Does Kaizo - Sexy First EncounterGoogle
Duke of the Bump blind runs stage 3 and earns a round of applause for the effort!Google
Roar plays stage 3, and yes, he does look dapper.Google
McKain comes back for more and brings us stage 4.Google
Wugga is let out of the straight jacket long enough to play stage 5!Google
Roar moves on to stage 4! Hey, that rhymed!Google
Roar completes stage 5 in less than 20 minutes, a new personal best!Google
We get treated to some awesome tricks in moeljbcp's tool-assisted run of stage 5!Google
Psychedelic Eyeball decides to join us in suffering with stage 7!Google
McKain plays stage 6... without save states!Google
Roar has an easy time with stage 6...Google
...and then a not so easy time with stage 7.Google
Roar's new turbo-vision lets us watch his suffering in stage 7 more conveniently!Google
Moeljbcp found another way to do the YSP!Google
Psychedelic Eyeball reaches new levels of masochism with stage 9! (Failure edition)Google
Psychedelic Eyeball finally climbs his way to (Stage 9: Victory Edition)Google
Stage 9 introduces Wugga to a new brand of pain!Google
Kaizo Mario WOrld 2's influence is even making Roar sick! However, he presses on and play stage 8 anyway.Google
DarkDude98 has brought us this TAS run of stage 7, without slowdown!YouTube
Roar shows us that puzzles are... puzzling in this run of the Switch Palace.Google
Roar treats us to two versions of his attempt at stage 9: Condensed and Long.Part 1 (Google) Part 2 (Google)
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