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Kameo: Elements of Power

by Fiendly

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Original Thread: Earth, Fire, Water And Wotnot. Let's Play Kameo: Elements Of Power!



About the Game
Kameo: Elements Of Power is an action-adventure game from legendary developers Rare about an elf with body image issues slaughtering untold numbers of trolls to settle a sibling rivalry. It began development for release on the Gamecube, but when Rare was bought out by Microsoft in 2002, it faced problems while undergoing redesign for the Xbox and was eventually put on indefinite hiatus in 2004. Ultimately, though, it became the first game announced for release on the Xbox 360 and finally saw the light of day as a 360 launch title, along with another long-anticipated Rare title, Perfect Dark Zero. Then a couple people played Kameo and some of them seemed to like it okay.

About the LP
I'm a life-long Rare fan, but I more or less fell out with them after they got done dominating the N64, so I had hardly even heard of this game until my co-commentator Ruebinok offhandedly mentioned loving it back when it was new. I checked it out and I've been increasingly impressed by it ever since. Ruebinok and I check out the beginning of the game live and blind in the first three videos, and from the fourth video on I'm taking it solo with post commentary to show off 100% of the game.


Havin' Fun Storming The Castle (with Ruebinok)
Our Own Well-Being (with Ruebinok)
Rubble In The Jungle (with Ruebinok)
Secrets, Sidequests, And Scenery
Ranger Danger
Family Tree
To Neglect And Sever
Rolling Boulders (alternate version for blocked countries)
Buried In Treasure
Deep Blue Spree
Tower Up
40 Below Bummer
A Rank Amateur
Ogre and Ogre Again
Nothing's Secret
Big Troll-bot In Lava Channel
Clear The Air
Epilogue Of Power (Dailymotion mirror)

Meet The Elements!

Kameo: The favorite daughter of King Solon and Queen Theena wields the power of the elemental warriors through the use of the Wotnot Book and the Element of Power that she inherited for some reason.
Skins: Standard, Coyote, Classic, Gothic, Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior

Masquerade Pack Skins #1-6

Masquerade Pack Skins #7-10, Design-A-Skin (free DLC), Power Pack Armor

Pummel Weed: Some kinda punch-plant retrieved from a well in the Enchanted Kingdom.

Skins: Easy Being Green (default), Autumn Colors (Alternate), Mumbo Pumbo (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Rubble: A pile of rocks discovered in the Forgotten Forest.

Skins: Rolling Stones (Default), Skull Mountain (Alternate), Fuzzy Balls (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Ash: Fire-breathing dragon inherited from Halis.

Skins: Better Red (Default), Blaze Blue (Alternate), Flock Off (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Major Ruin: Stone snail-ephant we picked up at the beach

Skins: Rock 'n' Roll (Default), Goldi-Rocks (Alternate), Horton Hatches Himself (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Deep Blue: A squid from atop a mountain.

Skins: C'thu-Blue (Default), Ink-aholic (Alternate), Safety First (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Chilla: Cold monkey handed over by a rescued Lenya.

Skins: Chillaman (Default), Chilla Gorilla (Alternate), Sharp Dressed Man (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Flex: Living Rorschach test found atop a snow cliff.

Skins: Rubber Soul (Default), Yellowfin (Alternate), Electrobot (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

40 Below: Frosty snowman from... sigh... another snow cliff...

Skins: Snowball Fighter (Default), Ice King (Alternate), Ice Cream Man (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Snare: Piranha plant commandeered from Yaris.

Skins: Vile Vine (Default), Mean Bean (Alternate), Snare Snake (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Thermite: Vermin of mass destruction found in The Swamp Formerly Known As Ogre's.

Skins: Volcano To Go (Default), Atom Ant (Alternate), Atlas Bugged (DLC)

Winter Warrior, Fright Warrior, Power Pack Armor

Daigerus responds to all this costume madness with literally the best thing ever (featuring mild spoilers for stuff that's dumb anyway):

Daigerus posted:

Ah, so we're playing dress up now? Well, two can play at that game, game!

Ash, tired of having skinny arms, decides to follow Pummel Weed's example with great success.

This prompted a few other Warriors to follow suit, but Deep Blue still needs to trim a few pounds.

And tired of being outshone by his horticultural brethren, Snare attempts to branch out (a new pair of arms) and join up.

And for those who wish that rascaly Mystic got her just desserts, here's her being crushed by a giant rock:

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