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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Yea, we'll eat all three! Let's Play Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days


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What is an anti-hero? A questionable figure seeking justice and trying to do the right thing, even when that right thing has a negative outcome? Maybe a tough as nails, loose cannon seeking to correct the wrongs of the world through extreme measures? Perhaps it's two middle aged, pill popping hitmen wanting to get some money by randomly shooting a lot of people?

I can honestly say it's not that last one but that is what this let's play is all about as we proceed to play the less than stellar sequel to the already less than stellar Kane & Lynch.

Released in mid August of 2010 by Eidos the game was met with mixed to low reviews, due in part to the lack of replay and small play time (normally between 2-4 hours depending). For all the pleasant music and well done backdrops that the game has to offer, it's usually overwhelmed by the constant yelling of two old sociopaths and the same tired cover shooter style that has been pretty rampant in 3rd person perspective games for the last half decade. It's an interesting ride none the less and hopefully this will glide you gently through the experience. I do also want to point out that some of the more creative design choices they went with to present this game might appear as pixelation or graphic glitches, but just realize that is all a part of the game. Much like the awful shaky cam or mosaic on people, so there's no way to get around that and it's just creative license in the game.

Respectively this will be a co-op let's play between myself and my friend Phataku, with me as Lynch and he as Kane. I'll try my best to keep the cuts to a minimal as the game might already make some extremely nauseous as is but I do want to take advantage of the wide, sweeping areas as possible with both of our vantage points.

Additionally if you are unsure of the chain of events for the first game, not that they highly factor in outside of the personalities of the main characters then I do recommend watching Blister's LP of the first game which is in the LP archive (




James Seth Lynch: The less stable and more flighty one of the duo will actually end up being something of the driving force this time. With his new girlfriend Xui, Lynch is hoping to start a new life without all the unnecessary killing and maybe just a small portion of the yelling. But he's got one last score set-up that should hopefully have him getting out of the game.

Adam 'Kane' Marcus: The stable one of the bunch, though it's all really relative, is a family man who's been on hard times ever since the end of the first game (and some would say for his entire life). After the events of the first game he's wanting even more to make things right with Jenny, his daughter, and a good step towards that would be a considerable amount of money. And it seems that Lynch has just the situation in mind.

Glazer: What's a cockney gentleman like this doing in Shanghai? Well he's Lynch connection with their next job and he's full of piss and vinegar. He also enjoys talking about cheap places to get haircuts which I think just might be a euphemism for man-boy love. He's also never seen without his trusty blue tooth which we can only assume is cheap Borg technology.

Hsing: Having heard about him in previous levels it's the knife wielding capo of the local gangs. Though he's completely forgotten after  Chapter 5  he does last long enough to warrant mentioning even though he doesn't do much outside of  kill Lynch's girlfriend and almost bleed dry Kane and Lynch . Also he makes me think that Glazer had an illegitimate Chinese child.

Guns: There are quite a few guns in the game and this will hopefully give some detailed information about them. Additionally guns are usually broken down by the groups of people who carry them, i.e. the cops will always carry the same guns and the gangs will always carry the same guns. (all the gun names have links to the respective wiki pages for your convenience)

Desert Eagle: The starting weapon of the game is actually a fairly accurate and pretty powerful pistol with very limited ammo. These actually do not appear fairly often in the game proper so there's no real issue in burning through the ammo as quickly as possible to pick up a weapon with more plentiful ammo.

Norinco M77b: A fairly common place pistol in the game with a larger clip but a lot less stopping power than the other pistols in the game. This will be used quite a bit when fighting the various thugs in the game and is usually a lot easier to use than most of the starting machine guns in the game.

Ingram Mac 10: One of the earlier machine guns offered in the game. It will obviously get out a lot more shots than the pistols but on the whole this weapon is fairly inaccurate and not very damaging, even at close range. Still ammo is plentiful and thankfully most of the starting thugs wield them, so you'll be on equal shitty footing.

Skorpion vz. 61: Another one of the earlier machine guns it is almost identical in accuracy and performance as the Ingram (at least from my point of view). It seems though that usually there are more Ingrams lying around all the dead bodies, so this is usually the less preferred outside of the fact it's overall shape seems a bit odd due to the arm stock never really being used.

Hawks Semi-Auto Shotgun: The first shotgun obtained in the game and relatively similar to most of the shotguns obtained over the course of the game. It's got a fairly small clip but amazing stopping power up close, but very few of the starting thugs will be carrying one of these. And more often than not you won't get a chance to get close enough to someone to get full usage out of the spread. Still if there is nothing else around then you can always try to snipe with it.

Norinco 9mm Police Revolver: The only pistol carried by the police force in China is fairly accurate but not plentiful ammo, still it's accuracy allows for easier headshots and thus people will go down a lot quicker than using most of the beginning machine guns. Though in comparison to the other police weapons this might be someone's last choice.

Norinco Type 79 Machine Gun: The machine gun of choice for the non-Swat police, this is clearly a step up from the local thugs machine gun choices. A lot more accurate and quite a bit more powerful, once these start popping up usually it's best to stay away from the Ingram and Skorpion. The only drawback is that the police are carrying it as well and they can use it quite accurately as well.

Zastava M85: A machine gun that first pops up in the hands of Glazer's hired men, it's a dependable and hard hitting weapon. It's also a lot more accurate than most other weapons that Kane and Lynch have come across which obviously means there won't be a lot of ammo for it. Additionally by the time these become more common is also the time when better machine guns and weapons in general start popping up, so this weapon just doesn't see a lot of use in the campaign.

QCW-05: The machine gun of choice for the Chinese SWAT teams that are first seen in 'Laying Low', these are a clear upgrade to any machine guns or weapons in general seen in the game so far. This is both a boon for Kane and Lynch, but also a marked up danger since they will also take the increased damage and accuracy from enemies.

AK-74M: Probably the most powerful machine gun that we'll be seeing the local gang members use, this very powerful Russian weapon is kind of a side grade to the Police's QCW-05 but a marked upgrade to the Zastava. But still the last half of the game will have next to no gang members so this is another gun quickly swept under the table for more powerful weapons later.

Norinco QBZ-95: Hooray, the first of the army's super sweet death machine guns. This particular weapon is a godsend in a land of shitty Ingrams or Berettas; they do good damage, have a high damage output, are amazingly accurate, and they will possibly have sex with you. The only downside is that whomever you pick this up off of will probably stand a good chance of killing you.

Norinco QBU-88: The only sniper rifle in the game which comes in two variations, scoped and unscoped (neither of which causes any difference with the zooming). It's pretty standard fare for a sniper rifle; high damage, slow reload time, and not too often found in single player. Not to mention the ultra erratic movements of the enemy means this is a weapon usually better left alone outside of very few situations (much like the shotgun).

QJY-88: The last and most powerful weapon found in the game. This would be your standard, inaccurate but high output heavy machine gun if it wasn't for one key difference; that difference being it's massively accurate. These are very rarely found during the course of the game and it's usually for very special occasions, so treat it nicely and it'll treat you nicely.


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