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Original Thread: Katamari Damacy: I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller, I Wish I Was a Baller



[Recommended Listening: Rolling Down the Street, In My Katamari by Fearofdark]

Katamari Damacy is an odd little puzzle-action game for the PlayStation 2 in 2004. Despite not selling particularly well at release, it’s considered a sleeper hit due to its lasting success, having permeated gamer culture with its sense of style and humor, and having spawned numerous sequels across multiple platforms. Katamari Damacy is known for its quirky, almost surrealist humor and its charming art style, combined with simple but satisfying gameplay backed by a diverse and entertaining soundtrack. It was created by a man named Keita Takahashi, who stated that he was never interested in Katamari being touted as innovative or creative; rather, he just wanted to see silly, simple fun return to video games. In addition, the development team aimed to maintain four key points throughout the development of the game: novelty, ease of understanding, enjoyment, and humor. Personally, I think they succeeded, since the Katamari series is some of the most fun I’ve had with video games.

In Katamari Damacy, you play as the miniscule Prince of All Cosmos, who wakes up one day to find that his father the King of All Cosmos got drunk and destroyed all of the stars in the galaxy, as well as the moon. Of course, he won’t be taking care of the problem himself, as that’s too much work for a busy man like the King. Instead, he gives the Prince a sticky ball-like device called the Katamari, which allows the Prince to pick up any item and allow the Katamari to grow, eventually making it large enough to become a star with the King’s power. And so the Prince is tasked with returning all of the starts to the night sky with the help of these Katamaris.

I’m ChorpSaway and I’ll be at the helm of this Katamari. In the back seat I have my buddies JordanKai, TheJayOfSpade, and FutureFriend. Together we’ll reform the celestial bodies and try our best to have fun and be entertaining along the way. The commentary will probably be less focused than some of our other projects due to the nature of the game, but we’ll make sure to point out the exciting bits in the world of Katamari.

I will be collecting all of the additional playable characters and accessories that you can wear. They don’t do anything to the gameplay, but they definitely add to the experience. I’ll show off all of the accessories during the main game, and I’ll do some multiplayer videos to show off some of the extra characters.

The King of All Cosmos
The ruler over all the cosmos and the cause of the universe’s current mess. The King is known for his flamboyant personality, forgetfulness, and love of rolling up objects.

The Prince of All Cosmos
The son of the King of All Cosmos and the one currently dealing with the universe’s current mess. Despite being constantly told what to do, the Prince puts his all into everything he does, and always does his best. The Prince is growing stronger and more mature every day. Still very small though.

One of the Prince's many cousins. Very fashion conscious. She seems to get along with Shikao, and asks him to tape things for her a lot.

One of the Prince's many cousins. One of the best-liked members of the Royal Family. But not a happy camper when woken up in the morning.

One of the Prince’s many cousins. A solitude loving lone-wolf. He dislikes forming bonds, but We heard he ended up here after getting lost.

One of the Prince’s many cousins. She's very temperamental. On weekends, she can't decide whether to stay in or go out.
In the original Katamari Damacy, she was purple. Afterwards, she discovered fashion and moved to a more colorful design, which you can see here.

One of the Prince's many cousins. He loves playing hide-and-seek, but he hides in the same place every time.

One of the Prince’s many cousins. Loves eating, and has mastered the art of talking with a full mouth. Nobody understands a word.

One of the Prince's many cousins. Came all this way to be a star dancer, but he hasn't had a lot of opportunities for that this time around.

One of the Prince's many cousins. He's so vain he even stretched his head in order to look taller. Tries to act nonchalant.

One of the Prince's many cousins. He's very square. He came to Earth to check out all the new TV programs.

One of the Prince's many cousins. She always messes things up, but it's hard to hate her because she's so cute!

One of the Prince's many cousins. He can withstand high water pressure. He doesn't even appear to be a blood relative.

One of the Prince's many cousins. So haughty that she actually floats 2cm off the ground.

One of the Prince's many cousins. He can move around for an hour for every 6 hours of charge. He doesn't speak much to save his battery.

One of the Prince’s many cousins. He loves staring into the mirror. Always wants to look good to others, but no one is actually watching.

One of the Prince's many cousins. He looks ill all the time, but contrary to his sickly appearance, he has an intense vitality.

One of the Prince's many cousins. He dislikes summer because of his thick body hair. He and Lalala are mutually attracted.

One of the Prince's many cousins. She's very jealous, and always wants to be the center of attention. She considers Honey to be her rival.

One of the Prince's many cousins. A true free spirit, hating even the confines of clothing. Some call it exhibitionism.

One of the Prince's many cousins. Takes up too much space in group photos, so he has a solo portrait taken on a separate day.

One of the Prince's many cousins. From the side, he looks exactly like the prince seen from the back. Not even We can tell them apart.

[Edited to reduce flashing colors][The original picture, unedited]
One of the Prince’s many cousins. Born in June and a complete innocent. Jokes are completely lost on her. It always rains when she goes out.

One of the Prince's many cousins. She pretends to be thinking and is blissfully free of anything resembling thought.

One of the Prince's many cousins. He lives for attention and goes clubbing with Peso every night.

I drew this massive poster of all the Katamari cousins hanging out together! (Spoilers for the Katamari cousins!)

Ometeotl shows us a promising future for the Prince!

tlarn shares a dual-screen Cousin design!

ElTipejoLoco combines several Jughead Factz together to produce a stunning image!

ultrabindu shows us one of the most fearsome Cousins in hip-hop, whose Katamari looks like a diamond skull!

ultrabindu seems to have combined a couple Prince! Is Photoshop a type of katamari?

ElTipejoLoco does some Katamari dog designs, and also illustrates one of our worst jokes!

ultrabindu hacks into Space OKCupid to show us some ~private~ info on the King!

ElTipejoLoco gets in the Mad Max mood!
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