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Part 7: Pseudo Tea Cosy

Update 6: Pseudo Tea Cosy

Katawa Shoujo OST – Hokabi

MISHA: "She says you have no chance if you keep playing like this, no you won't~!"

=>She has a point. Attack aggressively!

She is either really mocking me, or trying to trick me. I have nothing else to lose, though, so I might as well try something different. Maybe if I spread out my forces and try to control more territories, I can recoup the advantage. Shizune seems to focus on conquering whole nations, so maybe I can sacrifice my hold on continents to gain more small countries. It's worth a shot. A few turns later, I end up losing the game anyway. Shizune adjusts her glasses victoriously and allows herself to tentatively pump a fist in the air in celebration.

SHIZUNE: "..."

MISHA: "I win, I win~! Yay~!"

HISAO: "There's no need to translate that, it was pretty clear."

MISHA: "Wahaha~! Don't look so sad, Hicchan~! You were really giving it your best, that's what I thought! Sometimes, your best just isn't good enough, though~. If anyone knows that, it's me~! You did very well for someone who just learned how to play today!"

SHIZUNE: "..."

MISHA: "Hicchan, you attacked Iceland and North America at the same time, that's a very daring move. Shicchan is impressed~!"

SHIZUNE: "..."

MISHA: "The mark of great people is that they are daring, and that they can follow through~! You're already halfway there; isn't that great, Hicchan?"

SHIZUNE: "..."

MISHA: "That isn't enough though; just potential isn't enough! There is no point to potential if you don't take the first step, and there is no point to that if you don't keep going. I want to see more. You're right, Shicchan~, but, that's so demanding..."

SHIZUNE: "..."

MISHA: "..."


Shizune leans forward, suddenly looking a lot less playful and more like the serious person I expected her to be from the start.

SHIZUNE: "..."

MISHA: "Hicchan, would you like to join the Student Council?"

She really doesn't waste any time, does she? But... It's only my second day of school, so I'm hesitant about committing to something so early. I haven't even taken a look at any other clubs yet. But spending time with Shizune and Misha doesn't seem like something I would hate. I still need more time to think about it before I decide for sure.

Katawa Shoujo OST - The Student Council (Shizune's Theme)

HISAO: "Maybe. I'll get back to you on it."

SHIZUNE: "..."

MISHA: "Okay, Hicchan~! But, I hope you're not just saying that so we don't feel bad."

HISAO: "No, really."

MISHA: "Really~? Hicchan, if you're going to say that, you're saying that it is definitely the truth, and there can't be any~ mistaking it~!"

HISAO: "I know, I know. I guess I should have my revenge for losing, at the very least."

Shizune smiles at that in a mischievous way that feels like twisting the knife in the wound of my loss.

:eng101: This, by the way, is the correct answer if you want to curry favor with Shizune. It won’t matter much for triggering Emi’s route, though, for reasons I’ll cover in a few updates. :eng101:

I take a glance at the clock on the wall and realize I've spent far longer playing Risk than I expected.

HISAO: "Sorry, I think I have to go. I wanted to go to the library. It's not closed yet, is it?"

Shizune scratches her head and gestures at Misha. How hard can it be to determine whether the library is open? There's a clock right there on the wall.

SHIZUNE: "..."

MISHA: "It should be, unless the librarian is absent. I think you're right, Shicchan. We... think the library is open. It's on the second floor; can't miss it. Do you want us to show you where it is?"

HISAO: "No thanks, it's okay. See you tomorrow."

MISHA: "Bye bye!"


:eng101: Jesus, this school has some baffling wall art :stare: :eng101:

One flight of stairs up and I run into problems. The second floor hallway is a carbon copy of the third floor one. Wide, of course; and plain, like only hallways can be. The problem is that the library's whereabouts are not as easily determined as one would think. The classrooms are marked with signs stating which class they belong to, but then there is a plethora of other, unmarked rooms. Is the library one of them? Or is it just somewhere down the hallway? I bet on the latter and choose my direction at random.

After I turn around the corner, an unmarked door draws my attention because it's not closed. It's not open either though, just barely ajar so that I can see it's open and nothing else. It would make sense for the library door to be invitingly open, and while this one is not quite that, it's good enough. At the very least it means that someone is inside and I can ask for directions no matter how embarrassing that is. I gingerly push on the center of the door with my fingertips, every muscle in my arm ready to pull back at a moment's notice. The feeling of being an outsider to this school can't be shaken from my mind, so much so that I instinctively fear doing something wrong by entering.

The door slowly creaks as if groaning from a deep sleep, though is much easier to open than I'd anticipated. Leaning over and poking my head ever further inside to gain sight of the room as fast as possible, the meek 'Hello...?' on my lips is quickly snatched away.

Katawa Shoujo OST - Concord (Lilly's Theme)

This is... not as I was expecting. I mindlessly let the door open to its full extent, taking in the sight of the solitary figure taking center stage in the otherwise abandoned room. The situation steals my voice, leaving me standing at the doorway staring at the beautiful girl. Evidently having taken her time to assess the situation, the girl gently puts down her teacup and opens her eyes, but doesn't look at me.

LILLY: "Hello there. May I help you?"

Staring directly in front of herself, the movements of her lips seem to break the silence rather than the words. However it's the soft, measured voice that reminds me she's a being separate from the room itself. Not only is she likely the tallest girl I've ever laid eyes on, but even among the foreigners I've met she's strikingly distinct.

HISAO: "Uh, hi. Sorry for intruding, I was just... kind of lost."

She takes a moment to formulate a response before speaking. Every action she takes feels as if it's carefully choreographed beforehand.

LILLY: "Care to take a seat?"

...unexpected, considering that I'm intruding upon her.

HISAO: "Ummm... thanks."

I slowly step towards another seat opposite her, the girl resting the teacup and saucer on the wooden table inbetween. The way she doesn't track my movements with her head is telling... that, and the slight cloudiness to her eyes means she must be at least partially blind, like Kenji. Come to think of it, her voice doesn't have any detectable accent either. I guess she must be half-Japanese. As I take my seat, her composure takes me slightly off-guard. Her air of relaxed confidence makes the silence entirely comfortable. The calming atmosphere is so very different from the student council office.

LILLY: "I take it you're a new student to Yamaku?"

HISAO: "Ah, yeah. I just transferred in yesterday."

I get the distinct feeling my speech patterns don't match the formality of hers, accentuated by her restrained bow of greeting. One which I hasten to match, before realizing the futility of the action.

LILLY: "I'm Lilly Satou. Pleased to meet you..."

HISAO: "Hisao. Hisao Nakai."

She gives a nod before gesturing roughly in the direction of her teacup.

LILLY: "Would you care for a drink?"

HISAO: "Sure."

As much as it pains me, I can't keep step with her formality in the proceedings. She gives a kind nod, taking the request in stride. Without another word, she steps off the chair and prepares a second cup of tea from a collection of supplies laid out along a shelf. A brush here, a brush there, her left hand often lightly touching the side of whichever container she's pouring into... it seems to be a process she's followed dozens of times before. As I lean sideways to see around her back, she seems to use her long, dainty finger to measure the right amount of water in the cup.

It's one thing to see the different disabilities the students in my class have, but it's quite another to see how everyone seems to adapt. Shizune and Misha have no problem working together to communicate to me, and Lilly herself seems to have workarounds for problems I'd never thought of. While I feel slightly guilty about her doing the work, she seems pleased to be following the “correct” process of the offerer preparing the drink.

LILLY: "So,"

Her soft voice brings me out of my silent observance.

LILLY: "Which room were you looking for? It's not often this classroom is visited after school."

HISAO: "The school library. Shizune and Mi— I mean, some classmates, told me it was on this floor."

She finishes pouring water into the teacup as she nods, a small metallic tapping coming from the teacup indicating it being stirred.

LILLY: "I'm aware of Miss Hakamichi, as are most students. To be with them means you're in class 3-3, no?"

HISAO: "That's right. In the science room with Mutou."

She gives a small giggle before setting down the teaspoon and slowly walking towards the table, teacup and saucer in hand.

LILLY: "He's quite a character. I imagine you'll come to like him; most do."

As she sets down the tea, I gently take it and have a sip. I'm really more of a coffee person, but this seems like a rather bad moment to bring it up. Nonetheless, the smell's quite nice. I hardly think it'd be hard to choke down.

HISAO: "Thanks, Satou. It tastes really nice."

She smiles and quickly waves her hand in front of her face.

LILLY: "Lilly, please. There's no need to be too formal."

She says this in spite of her exceedingly well-bred speech. Oh well. I guess I should try and ask her about herself, as it really does seem as if she's catering to me.

HISAO: "So which class are you from? I imagine it's one of the third-year classes."

LILLY: "Correct, I'm in class 3-2; which is on the third floor, same as yours. It's taught by Miyagi, and is specifically for both blind and partially blind students."

HISAO: "I see. Ah, I mean, uh, s-sorry..."

I feel like slapping myself for the faux-pas. Looking at her face, though, she doesn't seem in the least bit put off by it.

LILLY: "My my, there's no need to change your speech on my account."

HISAO: "Ah, sure. Sorry, I guess I'm really showing my newness here."

LILLY: "An environment like this would be a big change, so I can't fault you for it. While the same can't be said for everyone, many have come to terms with their conditions."

A category which would include her, it seems. All too ready to jump ship from this particular topic, I segue into another.

HISAO: "Do you come here to drink tea often? It's a really nice place."

Thinking on it, this might be her version of the place behind my school that I liked to have lunch at.

LILLY: "I come here fairly often during lunch times. My duties as class representative don't leave enough time for an 'official' club, so a friend and I use this room for having tea."

Class representative, huh? Compared to Shizune, her mannerisms seem to be almost completely opposite. While Shizune's blunt and fiercely driven, Lilly seems relaxed and calm, almost aloof. Come to think of it, she might be useful for a less biased view of the school's clubs.

HISAO: "What kinds of clubs are there to join?"

LILLY: "Hmm... the more popular ones are the track and field club, which uses the field near the school during lunchtimes, the baseball club, and the book club in a room near the library. There are also numerous small ones too, though, such as the art and music clubs."

At a time when I'm just wanting to get on my feet, rushing into a club right away seems slightly unappealing. I wonder if this school shares the same rule as my old one...

HISAO: "Is it compulsory to join a club?"

LILLY: "It isn't, though it is encouraged."

HISAO: "Ah, good. That's a relief."

I've really let down my guard around this girl to let such a thing slip out. The fact seems to slightly amuse her. Not wanting my tea to get cold, I finally start drinking it as Lilly does the same

Katawa Shoujo OST – Afternoon

As I look over to the window over her shoulder, I notice the light coming into the room has a distinctly orange tint. Even here, time doesn't stand still."

HISAO: "Huh, the time's gone quickly."

LILLY: "Sorry?"

Right. She's blind. Of course she can't see the sun setting.

HISAO: "It just looks like the sun's starting to set."

It seems to come as a surprise for her. I guess she must have lost track of the time.

LILLY: "Sorry, Hisao. I didn't mean to keep you from the library for so long."

I quickly move to allay her concern.

HISAO: "Ah, no, it's okay. The library's still open, isn't it?"

She pauses, and takes a moment to think on it. It's probably something I should've asked Shizune when I had the chance, but Lilly seems likely to know in any case.

LILLY: "True. It's open until six-thirty during weekdays."

A quick glance at my watch confirms I have well enough time to get there.

HISAO: "Hmm, I might get going in that case. It's been nice talking with you, Lilly."

She smiles and gives a deep nod, her hands still neatly folded on the table in front of her.

LILLY: "It was my pleasure. Oh, come to think of it... shall I show you to where the library is?"

HISAO: "I couldn't possibly ask for more help. I should be able to find it all right."

Well, unless my navigational skills fail me.{w} Which they seem to have a habit of doing.

LILLY: "It's all right, I was going to be talking to the librarian there in any case. I could introduce you."

This gets better and better. It's pretty hard to deny her offer.

HISAO: "If you're sure, then that'd be great. Thanks."

As she stands up to follow me, she takes hold of a straight, retractable cane that had been slipped in the handle of her bag on the floor. Compared to the cane the boy in my class had, Lilly's looks much thinner and longer. His must be for support, whereas Lilly's is for navigation. Together we leave the peaceful room and enter the empty hallway on the way to the library.

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