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by Coiler12

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Original Thread: Rocket Science, Adventure, and Kerbalcide: Let's Play Kerbal Space Program



Kerbal Space Program is a freeform simulator whose gameplay consists of building rockets, flying rockets, and murdering little green men. There is a large and ongoing thread about it in the main games forum. A long time ago, when the game was much less developed than it currently is, I made an abortive attempt to LP it. With a better computer and a considerably more advanced game, it's time to try again.

How will this LP work?

This is going to be an in-universe narrative LP of the achievements and failures of the Kerbal Space Program. As such, it will follow a path of small, less advanced parts and short flights first, then more complicated trips and higher-technology components. I have the skill and the game has the parts for me to just take off for the Mun right away, but that won't happen in the LP. If picture detail looks less than what the game is capable of, it's because my computer, while better than the previous one, is still not exactly a superpowered gaming machine. As such, I'm running the game on its lowest settings (for now)

Note that the spacecraft will not always be the most efficient and optimized for the task at hand. Rather than a smooth, well-built rocket, the jury-rigged addition of more struts and/or boosters will be much more likely. Note also that Kerbals have a different technological development path and mindset than the historical space programs.

Are you using mods in this LP?

The primary mod I'm using is Mechjeb, an autopilot. If I use any others, I'll say which ones in OOC posts and link to them.


Kerbals killed in the line of duty: 5
Jebediah Kerman (Ascender-2)
Hergun Kerman (Orbiter-3)
James Kerman (Can-A-1)
Dunger Kerman (Can-A-1)
Shepby Kerman (Can-1)
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