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Part 26: Chapter 10, Stage 1


High atop Vekta's mountains, the squad land in their stolen transport and start the upward journey on foot to the Orbital Station.

Enter Templar, Luger, Velasquez, Hakha

I guess landing at the top of the mountain was too easy, huh?

T'was nearest we could afford.
Forget not that Adams predicts our arrival.

Jan, when this is yet over--

It shalt be over nevermore.
Nay, not for many years,
If at all.

Exit Templar and Luger

What's up with them?

Hath thou eyes failed thee?

No, why don't you tell me.

Forsooth, yonder special forces captain,
Young, fresh-faced, and in love for the first time,
And all the world is promised to his lover.
Yet, she has other plans stewing.
They meet again, nine months past,
But the young captain's lover hath changéd.
Now she is an assassin, trained to kill.
Trained to think, not feel.
Act, not reflect.
Ah, she is yet almost perfect.
Though, I suspect the Captain feels otherwise.

Exit Hakha

You know what? I think you're full of shit.

Interesting chapter here. There are less stages than usual--we have two, as opposed to our usual three or four--but their length is growing, as both take about 15 minutes to complete. There's not a whole lot of plot development here, but there's some interesting character stuff going on.

For one, it appears Luger is trying to reach out to Jan. This whole game, between firefights, he has been kind of whiny and broody about their past relationship. Now that he's not being such a goon about it, Luger appears to be broaching the subject of her own accord. What is she offering though? To rekindle a romance? No, I doubt it. That's not in-character for Luger. They've been through a lot with the Helghast invasion. Vekta City has been bombed, they've lost friends, family, father-figures, and who knows what else. Luger is showing some basic human empathy. At this point, though, Templar has dehumanized himself and face to bloodshed or whatever and rejects her attempt at conversation. Honestly, I don't think Luger is too broken up about it. If Jan wants to be sullen, fine. At least he isn't making inappropriate comments and flirting with her in the middle of a warzone.

Also, Rico and Hakha are bonding! Sort of. Rico is oblivious and needs Templar and Luger's relationship spelled out for him and feels comfortable enough asking Hakha. He still thinks Hakha is full of shit, but hey, baby-steps. Also, I'm pretty sure Rico worships the ground that Templar walks on, so any talk of Templar being less than perfect probably annoys Rico.

Otherwise, not too much to say about this mission.

BLR-06 Hadra MRL

The heaviest and deadliest anti-tank weapon in the invading Helghast's armoury. In fact, this is the very rocket launcher that took our Templar and co. when they hijacked those boats way back at the docks. It has three 6mm rocket tubes that can be fired one-at-a-time or simultaneously. When the are launched simultaneously, they are lobbed out in an arc like a grenade launcher, maximizing their spread, but losing distance. It's not terribly useful because we don't really come across this weapon in anti-tank situations. There are no armoured enemies to fight in the level. In fact, of the six rockets I get when I pick this weapon up, I waste or miss all of them. So, uh, whoop-dee-doo.

Terrible weapon placement and all that.

Also, I should note that I have no idea who manufactures these weapons. They're clearly not ISA, but neither are the affixed with codes signifying them as being for either Stahl Arms or Visari Corporation. So, it's a mystery, I guess.

Continuity error here:

In the cut-scene, Hakha reloads and holsters the ISA pistol. That's weird, though, because Hakha never spawns with the ISA pistol.

Case in point, here's Hakha with the Helghast pistol only a few moments later when the level starts.