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Part 27: Chapter 10, Stage 2

This chapter is really pretty, and I appreciate that the progression of the game began with you stuck in the trenches and slowly climbing out of them, higher and higher. Metaphorically, of course, and literally as we are currently working our way up a mountainside with plans to hijack a shuttle to go into space.

The mission objects aren't anything challenging. Work our way up the mountain corridor and occasionally hit some buttons, but that's it. The game makes a bit of a hubbub about needing to activate certain things to connect with other things to get the thing to go into space, but really, we don't care. It's meaningless. The buttons pop up on our way up the mountain and we hit them as necessary. There's no thinking. There's only the journey.

Ever onward and upward.

As an aside, I really like this final run-up to the Orbital Platform Station. It looks really cool! You can see your destination, but you're separated by a chasm. Looking around, you can see the entire path you need to take, complete with obstacles, to get to your goal. Pretty cool for a PS2 game. Stuff like FarCry blows it out of the water, but for the time it was super neat.

So yeah, next chapter we get on one of those shuttles and go gunning for Adams.

Speaking of which, I appreciate that at the 11th hour, Adams has nothing clever or witty to say. None of his attempts to stop Templar and co. have come to fruition, Lente is dead and Adams is probably not in Visari's good graces at the moment, and the Earth Fleet are currently on their way to Vekta. Things are either going to sort themselves out real soon, or everything Adams has built is gong up in flame.

If you look closely in the cutscene, you can see Adams' eye twitch.

Your time is nigh, General Anime.