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Part 29: Chapter 11, Stage 1

Two things that are important to note here:

( 1 ) We're going to space.

( 2 ) When this game isn't looking incredibly drab, it can look really pretty.


Something Awful forum's poster chitoryu12 joins us for the final chapter. chitoryu12 has the distinction among our guests of having actually played a Killzone game. Not Killzone 1, mind you, but most of the later games. You see, no one has played Killzone 1

It's all downhill from here--or, uphill, I should say--as the end of the game is in sight. chitoryu12 has hinted at the possibility of doing a Killzone: Shadow Fall LP of their own at some point. If that's something you'd still be interested in after watching this game, then you know who to bother. No pressure.

Thanks, Rico. Thanks.

Killzone 1 summarized in a single screenshot:


nine-gear crow posted:

Here's something worth pointing out for the sake of the LP. Blind Sally says that this is a "25% run" because we're not going four separate runthroughs of the game with Templar, Rico, Luger, and Hakha each. Well, the PS3 HD Remaster of Killzone 1 does indeed have four separate trophies for completing the game using each character all the way through from the point where you get them onward.

Templar's trophy is Rapid Reaction Force (Chapters 1-11).

Luger's trophy is Shadow Marshal (Chapters 3-11).

Rico's trophy is ISA Regulator (Chapters 4-11).

And Hakha's trophy is Field Operative (Chapters 5-11).

They're all bronze, by the way, which is pretty disappointing, since given the effort you need to put into getting them you'd at least think they'd be silver or gold-level ones, no?