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Part 30: Chapter 11, Stage 2 & 3


Templar and co. board the ISA shuttle.

Art thee all strappethed in?


Steady thyself.

Get off me!

Doth any of thee knowest what yonder SD platforms look like when near? Tis neat.

What are those objects thither?

Ah, yonder art Parasite Craft. They pierce the vessel, infecting it with soldiers.

I take it they're expecting company.

That is so. They set the table for us.

Shall we?


I don't have much to say just yet. I'll save my final analysis for the final update. Instead, I'll just toss out some things of interest:

Space suits! Retro-inspired, it seems. Unfortunately, in all the Killzones I've played (all barring Shadow Fall), you don't get to do any actual space walks. There are some low gravity segments in future installments, but we don't get to enjoy any of that here. The promise of going into space just means we get to enjoy a cramped corridor shooting gallery with stars shining out the windows.

Speaking of which:

A firefight in space? That doesn't seem safe.

ISA Space Shuttle
We saw these earlier. General Vaughton took one to reach the SD Platform. Now it's our turn. Not much to say about them, other than "omigod we're in space!!?" The have two thrusters and appear to be able to dock on either side of the craft. The circular panel on the rear of the craft may also be for boarding or loading/unloading large cargo. Hard to say, since we never get to see these crafts used except for small troop transport. The Helghast start launching them at random when Templar and co. neared the station in Chapter 10/11. We caught the last one, at least.

UCN Navy Cruiser
The UCN (United Colonial Nations) Cruiser is the flagship vessel of the UCA (United Colonial Army) Navy. These cruisers are twice the size of the Vektan ISA cruisers (of which, we won't be seeing until Killzone 2). Why the discrepancy? Forced budget constraints so that the colonial homeworld is always more powerful than its colonial holdings. Loaded with energy weapons and MIRV warheads, they represent the ultimate in space-borne technology, allowing Earth to enforce its will. Note: while the UCN cruiser is twice the size of the Vektan cruiser, the Vektan cruiser is twice the size of the Helghast cruiser. Knowing that, it becomes pretty apparent as to why the SD platforms were so key to the Helghast's invasion plans.

Reading through some of the background lore for the series, it seems that the Earth Fleet only loses two cruisers to the SD Platforms. Sorry, Visari, better luck next time.

Parasite Craft
Helghast spacecraft designed to penetrate the hulls of enemy craft, delivering a payload of angry Helghast soldiers. These are actually super effective, and this wont be the only time in the trilogy we see them. The best way to counterattack them is to shoot them down before they can attach themselves. Once the Helghast have docked and existed the craft, it's already too late.