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Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

by FutureFriend, ChorpSaway, killeremcee, a_raving_loon

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Original Thread: Enter the 36 Cards (Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories)



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Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories is a 2007/2008 remake of the Gameboy Advance title of the same name (sans Re:). The game was originally released in Japan in 2004, while Re:CoM came alongside a re-release of Kingdom Hearts II in Japan and in the US as a stand-alone title. Developed by Square-Enix, it is a action card strategy game that does neither well, slipping into both genres like a clown with a pie on his face who's continually slipping on a banana peel. Meant as a direct sequel to the previous game, this story continues the adventures of Sora, Donald and Goofo, introducing them to a new set of villains and also a ton of recycled content. Both the remake and the GBA version received positive reviews, although the most of the acclaim was in regards to the GBA version's presentation, with many finding its combat system unwieldy. The game sold 1.55 million copies worldwide.

Hi, my name is FutureFriend and I fucking am eh about this game but yet love the dumb series that is continuing with this. Along with me, my buddies ChorpSaway, killeremcee and a_raving_loon will be going along this crazy adventure designed for people who think a royal flush is just a bit too out there for them. ChorpSaway played bits and pieces of it, while killeremcee and a_raving_loon are pretty much blind to it. I'm the only one who's finished this game and I'm the poorer for it. We'll be providing cut and uncut versions if you want to experience the voiced cutscenes by yourself.

For this LP, we'll be playing the PS2 remake, of which there is a upscaled version on the KH1.5 HD Remix Collection. Don't worry, it's not that much different from the GBA one besides moving to a 3D plane!

Hey, didn't you do a LP of the first game, ya bozo?
That's right! I highly recommend checking that out if you haven't already, because we'll sure to reference back to it or our opinions on it.

Are you going to show off all the cards or sleights?
There are too many cards, I do not like this game, I refuse.

1. No Spoilers! If we haven't seen it yet, don't talk about it. The previous thread went kinda wild with it, so I'd like to keep it on the downlow this time. Don't do that vague wink wink shit either! Not even in spoiler tags.
2. Don't talk about other games (besides Kingdom Hearts 1!) Basicly a extension of the first rule, but I'd still like this thread to be accessible to blind folks! Talking about Kingdom Hearts 1 is fine, though, especially as a relating point to this game.
3. No Yu-Gi-Oh jokes. Everyone has heard your Heart of the Cards joke buddy, I ain't wanna hear it again.

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