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Original Thread: But You've Got No Genitals! Let's Play Kingdom O' Magic



What is this?

Kingdom O' Magic is a point-and-click adventure game released in 1996 by SCI Interactive and it's aim was to be a parody of fantasy fiction. The game was developed by Fergus McNeill, who (amongst many other games) also developed the Middle-Earth parodies 'The Boggit' and 'Bored Of The Rings' in the 80s and you will see more Tolkien references in this game. This is a fairly standard adventure game, but we also have some combat elements and the ability to die in a variety of different ways.

The protagonists:

At the start of the game we are able to choose between two protagonists:

On the left is Thidney the Lizard Bloke, voiced by John Sessions who has been prolific in the theatre and on the screen over the last four decades. On the right is Shah-Ron the Girlie (a name that hasn't aged well, neither has her attire), voiced by Lani Minella who has been extremely prolific as a voice actor in a vast amount of games over the last twenty-seven years.

The Quests

We also have the option of choosing to complete one of three quests at the start of the game:

The Good, Old Fashioned, Traditional Quest: We need to rescue the dragon, steal the princess and kill the treasure.
The Bizarre & Slightly Twisted Quest: We need to find the Lost Lava Lamp Of The Ancient and defeat the Dark Lord, in order to save civilization.
The Magnificent 7-11 Quest: We need to recruit between 7 and 11 characters from the Kingdom in order to protect Flake town from an upcoming invasion.

LP details

This is going to be a VLP and I'll be recording commentary live as I play through the game. I'm going to attempt to complete each quest with each character. This is a game that I was very aware of in my youth but never got a chance to play, but I'm playing it now and will be learning more as the LP goes on. I'm going to aim to do at least one video a week, there won't be a strict schedule as a lot depends on my work rota and childcare.

Edit: I may try to engage with some additional material but I'm still getting to grips with the game.

Let's Play: Kingdom O' Magic

The Good, Old Fashioned, Traditional Quest

The Bizarre & Slightly Twisted Quest

The Magnificent 7-11 Quest

Bonus Video: Some Additional Footage & Death Scenes
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