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Kirby Super Star

by Medibot, My Name Is Kaz

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Original Thread: Let's Dick Each Other Over: Co-Op Megathread


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Let's Play Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star, released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo, is easily one of the finest games on the system. It contained several games: three minigames, five standard games, and a boss rush mode. The 2008 rerelease on the DS included even more delightful games. Both releases contained cooperative play: player 1, as Kirby, could give up a copy ability to create a palette-swapped version of the enemy who grants that ability, controlled by player 2 (or the computer, if you don't have a friend to help you.) You can try to cooperate sometimes, I guess.

With excellent thematic design for the myriad sub-games, bright visuals, and a varied soundtrack that's good enough to keep people (or at least me) listening for 14 years, you'd have to be a fool to not play this game.

In the meantime, though, you can watch MyNameIsKaz and me play it.


Episode 1: Spring BreezeViddler
Episode 2: DynabladeViddler
Episode 3: Great Cave Offensive part 1Viddler
Episode 4: Great Cave Offensive part 2Viddler
Episode 5: Great Cave Offensive part 3Viddler
Episode 6: Great Cave Offensive part 4Viddler
Episode 7: Revenge of Metaknight part 1Viddler
Episode 8: Revenge of Metaknight part 2Viddler
Episode 9: Milky Way Wishes part 1Viddler
Episode 10: Milky Way Wishes part 2Viddler
Episode 11: Milky Way Wishes part 3Viddler
Episode 12: Milky Way Wishes part 4Viddler
Episode 13: The ArenaViddler
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