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Part 3: Post regarding the plot of the game

Originally this post was going to be an updated review of the plot as each Scene was played. But you know what, no. The plot has a ton of details that I'm not going to spell out, after three scenes it was apparent that this post would've been enormous by the end of the LP.

Instead, I have copied my plot speadsheet to google docs for people to review, should they be interested. The formatting is awful and there are a lot of typos (I'm usually typing notes furiously as I watch the cutscenes), but it does provide the plot information we've seen so far. It also contains some random notes I wrote to myself, in my attempts to keep the plot straight.

Knights Plot Speadsheet

In addition, there are three plot recap videos which cover what we've seen up to Scene 15:

Plot recap video 1, covering main characters we've met so far. Featuring a shitty, inaccurate map.
Plot recap video 2, covering the flashbacks we've seen so far, set in chronological order.
Plot recap video 3, covering the present time cutscenes we've seen so far.