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Knights in the Nightmare

by HaroldofTheRock

Part 7: Scene 2

4. Scene 2 (more info on breaking objects, new class: Hermit, gameplay element: punishing enemies)


Johann Elliot of the 11th Order

"I've only just left, yet I already miss home..."
Class: Warior says this of Johann:
“A young, timid boy who joins the knights to make his mother proud. He treasures the things she sends to him from home.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
Sullen Axe
“Johann is always worried about the well-being of his mother, Nadia. He is incredibly homesick, but he continues to endure because he wants to make a difference in the kingdom. Lisbet tends to worry about him and does her best to take care of him. Johann has a secret crush on Leier, but he is afraid to tell her how he feels.”