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Knights in the Nightmare

by HaroldofTheRock

Part 19: Scene 11: The Gatekeeper of Doom.

15. Scene 11: The Gatekeeper of Doom. Boss fight! Clash with Rivulia the Judgement

Knights we recruited last time:
Maria a.k.a The Armored Maiden

“I shall guide you to the place where you belong.”
Class: Valkyrie says this of Maria:
”A mysterious maiden, clad in golden armor. She offers her cooperation to the Wisp for unknown reasons, serving as its guide for what she knows it seeks.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says this:
The Armor-clad Maiden of Mystery
”The mysterious Valkyrie who stole Wilmgard’s soul from Aventheim Castle and freed him at the abandoned church.” (spoiler stuff redacted)