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Knights in the Nightmare

by HaroldofTheRock

Part 32: Scene 20: Menace at the Castle Gate

24. Scene 20: Menace at the Castle Gate. Boss Fight! Clash with Beast King Dotaurus (and Garm)

Knights we recruited last time:

Heinel R. Hauser of the 10th Order

”My greatest foe lies within myself.”
Class: Lance Knight say this of Heinel:
”A mysterious, eye-patched knight that very few know much about. She fights with the true spirit of a warrior.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Bride of War
“She is a mysterious woman who does not speak much, but she has the trust of all her superiors. Heinel lost an eye years ago while fighting her bitter rival, Yuga. She is always in competition with herself to become better, and although she may seem unemotional at times, she constantly fights for the greater good.”

Juno O. Credin of the 10th Order

”If only everyone would mind their own business.”
Class: Wizard say this of Juno:
”A knight with a strong sense of self, he can be overbearing to deal with, and many would rather avoid him altogether.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Stoic Philosopher
“Often condescending and pompous, the only person he respects or even acknowledges is his superior, Audric. Juno can always be seen with a dictionary in hand because he staunchly believes that people are forgetting how to speak properly. No matter where he goes, he does not make friends, only enemies. He is curious about other people, but he is terrified of betrayal.”