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Knights in the Nightmare

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Part 37: Scene 23.5: The Guardian of the Chamber

28. Scene 23.5: The Guardian of the Chamber. Boss Fight! Clash with the Titan Scoppio 

Knights we recruited last time

Gudrun H. Mison of the 5th Order

”I try every day to be a better knight than I was yesterday!”
Class: Lance Knight say this of Gudrun:
”An optimistic, cheerful, young lady striving to better herself as a knight. She is of small stature and her armor is too large for her frame, but she tries her hardest.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Beloved Lady
“She is cheery and polite, and although she is not very skilled in battle, she works hard to improve. Gudrun has a very difficult time telling Neredo and Atkasia apart, and as a result, she is not well-liked by either of them. She looks upon Baltar like a father, and while she adores cheese, she will not abide milk.”

Pictured: Gudrun reporting in to Baltar during the cutscene before Scene 3. Once again, the topic is the theft of the King’s soul, but the knights only know something was taken from the castle.

Ganosh Gaia Travis of the 1st Order

”Prince Nordich is still a child at heart…”
Class: Archer say this of Ganosh:
”Ganosh’s main charge was to watch over Prince Norich. As such, he regards him like a child, and is looked up to as a father in return.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Legendary Hunter
“For an Archer, he is very well built. He has been charged with the care of the Prince, and as such, he is loyal to both the King and his son. In fact, despite Prince Nordich’s generally selfish ways, Ganosh is viewed as somewhat of a father figure. Recently, Ganosh, has begun suspecting that either Yelma or Cardinal Capehorn has been corrupting the Prince.”

Ganosh's response to the king's question "Has the loss of his fiancee really hit the prince hard?"