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Part 44: Scene 29: The Lion and the Dragon

34. Scene 29: The Lion and the DragonBoss. Fight! Clash with Cardinal Capehorn

Knight we recruited last time:
Rosa Shis Proias of the 3rd Order

”Nobody suspected I would become a priestess...”
Class: Priestess say this of Rosa:
”A kind woman who watched over Piche like an older sister. Being in the 3rd Order, she quickly becomes confused as to her role in the grand scheme of things...”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Shining Mystic
“Always the optimist, she finds no greater joy than making other people happy. Sometimes, this means going beyond the call of duty or even potentially jeopardizing the mission. Nevertheless, she follows her heard in everything she does. Rosa watches over Piche like a child and treats her like family.”

Rosa, reporting in to Capehorn about the death of Gunther. She is a member of the 3rd Order, which is Capehorn’s Order. Aquina, Leonil, and Yelma are (were) members as well.