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Part 51: Scene 34: Descendants of Dragons

39. Scene 34: Descendants of Dragons. Boss Fight! Clash with Vilgo the Immortal

Knight we recruited last time

Natalie K. Sinclaire of the 7th Order

”Hope…should be a priority. It makes you work harder.”
Class: Hermit say this of Natalie:
”Though young, she is a highly independent knight who takes action when it is required of her. This stems from her upbringing in an orphanage.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Enlightened One
“She is a shy, modest young woman. Growing up as an orphan, she has seen her share of harsh times. Natalie looks after Lakshmi, a fellow orphan, and she bears a striking resemblance to Chester’s deceased sister, Lutecia.”

Natalie was present in the Royal Crypt when the monsters arrived. She was ordered to flee, but apparently didn’t get far.