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Part 52: Scene 35: The Outcasts of Old

40. Scene 35: The Outcasts of Old. Boss Fight! Clash with the Witch Vienna

Knight we recruited last time
Vishna Elle Alestie of the 8th Order

”I will execute my duties without fail.”
Class: Hermit say this of Vishna:
”Known as a vicious warrior of few words, her loyalty lies with the Cardinal. She carries out his orders without question, yet finds discontent in his allegiances.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Unseen Wanderer
“Loyal to Cardinal Capehorn, she is a responsible and capable fighter. However, she dislikes how much praise the Cardinal gives to Yelma. She used to let her emotions get the best of her, but one day long ago, a close friend of hers met with an untimely tragedy because Vishna was unable to react in time. Now, she is stern and detached. Vishna considers General Morozof to be her arch-nemesis.”

Vishna accepting orders to follow and monitor Yelma.

Boss fight from last time

Game Designer Ito posted:

I wanted to design him to convey the state of someone whose mind and body have been taken over by darkness, who carries a grudge as one of the Westkin, and who has been exposed to miasma. He’s the elder who’s not allowed to die and who burns with thoughts of revenge. I wanted him to look rich, visually.