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Knights in the Nightmare

by HaroldofTheRock

Part 55: Scene 38: The Two Pursuers

43. Scene 38: The Two Pursuers. Boss Fight! Clash with the Cursed Piche

Knights we recruited last time
Grimwad Dylan Mirele of the 10th Order

“The truth is different for all who see it.”
Class: Wizard say this of Grimwad:
”An experienced subordinate who has great faith in Frabela. Those who speak to him often find him approachable and a good listener.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Spectral Master
“He has inadvertently become the 10th Order’s personal therapist, as all of his comrades come to speak to him and seek his advice. Because General Frabela and General Algiery are so close, Grimwad has reservations about his assignment to track down Algiery.”

Werner F. Device of the 10th Order

Class: Warrior say this of Werner:
No entry!
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Valiant Lamb
“He is a gullible, weak-willed fighter who tends to get stomach aches from the stress of being a knight. Werner gets upset easily by Caline’s sharp remarks and constantly falls for the merchant Salida’s sales pitches. He idolizes Silvano, and his best friend is Monk.”