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Part 57: Scene 39: Venturing into the Labyrinth

44. Scene 39: Venturing into the Labyrinth

Knights we recruited last time
Frabela Flay Arkun 10th Order

“I have faith in my friend. She could not commit such treachery.”
Class: Duelist say this of Frabela:
”A strong and caring lady knight, known throughout the orders for her kindness, beauty, and military prowess. She considers Lady Algiery a good friend.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Meteoric Striker
“The courageous and reliable General of the 10th Order. Despite her youth, many of the other knights look up to her. When Frabela was promoted, General Algiery of the 6th Order came to her quarters to congratulate her, but brought her flowers to liven up her room upon seeing how empty it was. The two have been close friends ever since. Frabela knows she should not play favorites, but she sees Oswald as more a brother than a subordinate.”

Amalgun Roni Oh Jieu of the 10th Order

Class: Archer say this of Amalgun:
No entry!
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Silent Stalker
“He is a realist who suspects the higher-ups are concealing the truth from the knights. Amalgun thinks the state of the world is rapidly declining, and he has a great mistrust for General Algiery. Recently, he and his longtime friend Enite have been having some differences. His passion in life is studying the weaponry of foreign kingdoms.”

Boss fight from last time: The Cursed Piche

Game Designer Ito posted:

I wanted to express traces of her former, human self by leaving the remains of a dress around her hips. By the way, that cross tangled around her foot was found at the Tower of Mehse, where birds habitually collect shiny objects they find.

Illustrator Kiyuduki posted:

The concept that Capehorn’s granddaughter had become a monster was around from the beginning, but when it came to designing the character, we did the monster version first. We then worked backward from there, trying to decide how she would’ve looked when she was human.