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Knights in the Nightmare

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Part 60: Scene 41: The Breach of the Sanctuary.

46. Scene 41: The Breach of the Sanctuary. Boss Fight! Clash with the Devout Sacchito

Knight we recruited last time
Carena Yiel Eh Ceres of the 6th Order

“Try as hard as you like. You’ll never be able to defeat raw talent.”
Class: Priestess say this of Carena:
”She works in earnest to become a stronger knight, but at the same time she cannot help her jealousy of those who have more natural talent than her.”
The Tome of Lost Souls says:
Scion of the Night
“Although she works hard to be the best, she tends to get jealous of others’ abilities very easily. Because of this, she sometimes leaves a bad impression on others. Carena looks up to Lisbet and Rosa, and she secretly envies the enormous amounts of praise that Belta recieves.”