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Knytt and Knytt Stories

by Deceased Crab

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Original Thread: The many Stories of Knytt



Let's Play Knytt and Knytt Stories!

Whoa, hey. What's that? That looks nice.
Yes it does. It is a very refreshing and ambient game/game series/game engine/battle platform.

These graphics look familiar to me, and I have watched your LPs since at least your third one.
They should look familiar. This is a game by Nifflas.

What is... Knytt?
Knytt is a platforming exploration game by Nifflas, talented artist and designer who made Within a Deep Forest. Knytt is the story of one abducted... um... guy (Knytt, the race is called the Knytts, he's a Knytt child I think), and his quest to retrieve stolen spaceship parts in a strange new world.

What is... Knytt Stories?
Knytt Stories is a game engine that anyone can build custom worlds for. Unlike Knytt, where you started with Wall Climb ability and never really got any more abilities (the focus and vision is on exploration), Knytt Stories has a powerup system and several useful platformer powerups and keys and other assorted platformer puzzle junk that crapped on Nifflas' artistic vision.

Wait, what?
Who did the what now?

What was that about Nifflas? You know, the stuff?
Ah, right. He was working on a third game, Knytt Experiment, when he decided "All this platformer puzzle challenge stuff really isn't what I do. I'm not going to do it anymore.". He cancelled development on Knytt Experiment, stopped upgrading Knytt Stories (for the most part), moved as much of the Knytt Stories level building stuff offsite as possible, and re-devoted himself to making amazing new games that do not focus on items or puzzles.

What does that mean to us?
Not a whole lot. We're gonna LP his games.

What's on the menu, DC?
I'm going to LP Knytt. Then me (and a few other people I know) are going to LP various levels in Knytt Stories. We'll probably go through most of the Official Nifflas released levels, and then a few of the third party ones.

Are there any good levels out there?
Yeah. There are some total trainwrecks, but there are some good ones. I believe a couple of goons are working on levels too. We might play some of those.

How does the game play?
Like a simple platformer. In Knytt, you jump and cling to/climb up-down/jump off walls. In Knytt Stories, it depends on what powerups you have. Powerups include speed, wall climb, doublejump, high jump, enemy sensor, holoduke (not even kidding here), eye of see invisible, and umbrella (take that, bats!). Knytt stories also has keys and doors. It's a very good game engine and the gameplay is a lot of fun.

Where do you get these games?
The games are free on Nifflas' site, He keeps trying to brainstorm ways to make money off of his creations, which is a tricky problem because he has released them for free. He keeps toying with the idea of expansion worlds you can buy, which might work, if the editor weren't also free. I wish him luck on that.

Why did you choose to LP these games?
Nifflas' favorite game is Knytt. It really is a wonderful exploration game. He's less enthused about Knytt Stories, but it's a very awesome game engine and a very solid gaming experience. I like these games.

Didn't someone try to LP Knytt Stories already?
They spent 14 minutes on the 2 minute intro. They wisely elected to stop.

I am ready to see some very cheerful and neat ambient exploring games!
Then you have come to the right place. Let's Play Knytt and Knytt Stories!

Chapter 1: Abducted
Chapter 2: The Journey Continues
Chapter 3: The Final Ship Parts
Chapter 4: Homeward Bound
Knytt Secrets 1
Knytt Secrets 2

Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories: Tutorial

Don't Eat The Mushroom (starring ProtonJon):
The Introduction?
The Main Game
The Extra Endings

The Machine:
The Machine Part 1
The Machine Part 2
The Machine Part 3
The Machine Part 4

It Waits (starring Maxwell Adams):

An Underwater Adventure (starring Maxwell Adams):
DailyMotion 1 | DailyMotion 2

A Strange Dream:
A Strange Dream 1
A Strange Dream 2
A Strange Dream 3
A Strange Dream 4

Colors 1
Colors 2
Colors 3
Colors 4

Dark Sky of Wish Mountain (starring ProtonJon):
Dark Sky of Wish Mountain 1
Dark Sky of Wish Mountain 2
Dark Sky of Wish Mountain 3
Dark Sky of Wish Mountain 4

Station 07:
Station 07

Afar (starring Maxwell Adams):
Afar 1 Dailymotion
Afar 2 Dailymotion
Afar 3 Dailymotion

Gustav's Daughter (starring Oyster):
Gustav's Daughter
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