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Original Thread: It's madness with marbles in KORORINPA [VLP]



Kororinpa's a solid little Wii game. It's a well-known type of game given a fresh spin with the advent of motion controls, has a decent swathe of content, and is satisfyingly challenging in the late game. And also if you go for all the gold trophies.

This is hopefully going to be a pretty lighthearted LP, just so I can share this forgotten game from early in the console generation. To help make things more interesting, I'd like you to help me pick which balls to use in each update! There are a bunch of different balls that have varying stats, and I tended to never stray far from the starting balls because of their all-around ease of use, so I'm looking forward to being challenged by how the votes turn out. To make sure we see all of the balls, once I use a ball, it will be excluded from future votes.

Currently available balls:

Marble - Nice and easy

The marble is our starting ball. It's simple, slow, it doesn't have any surprises, and is very easy to control, like driving in first gear.

Ladybug - Nice and easy

The ladybug is a little slower than the marble, but otherwise controls the same. Its ability to move smoothly with a non-spherical body is quite impressive.

The animals - Cute sounds
Cat, Dog, Penguin, Pig, Frog

The animals are slower than the marble, and don't bounce as much.
The slow movement can be a little time-consuming, since the marble is slow enough, but they make up for it by being the most adorable things in existence.

Candy - A bit faster

The candy ball is a little more fast and slippery than the marble, but is otherwise a sweet choice for beginners to the game.

Sportsballs - Fast/Bit jumpy/Hard to roll
Soccer Ball, Basketball, Rugby Ball

The sports balls move a little faster than the candy, but they have more grip, and aren't too hard to control – when they're on the ground.

Watermelon - Fast/bit slippy

The watermelon is pretty fast, but doesn't respond well to your inputs: when it picks up speed, it likes to stay that fast.

Car-Crunch - Quick enough?

The yellow cab service in Kororinpa is vicious. This *ahem* ball is so fast it usually ends up crashing into walls.

Gas Tank - Fast/bit heavy

The gas tank is pretty fast, but its weight makes it take awhile to build up to its top speed. Good luck stopping in a hurry with this one. On the plus side, it barely bounces!

UFO - For veterans

They go hardcore out in space: this little guy is fast and responsive, but also incredibly easy to lose control of. You need a steady hand to keep the ball moving where you want it.

Interstellar bodies - FAST but HEAVY
Saturn, Galaxy

How these work isn't important, what is important is that these things can move at over 30,000kph (to scale). They take awhile to build up speed, they take awhile to stop, and they drop like rocks. Spherical rocks, to be precise. Rocks with very little angular drag.

Charlie - Won't stop?!

It's too fast! The slightest touch will start Charlie rolling all over the place, and once he starts moving, he doesn't like to stop. Worse still, he doesn't stop complaining when he's rolling around!

Panda - Last resort

It's too slow! The panda is so lazy, it barely moves when you tilt the stage. You're in no danger of falling off, but you might die of old age before you make it to the goal.

Flash Ball - ???

A novelty, the flash ball can be fully edited to have whatever stats you want! There's no better way to go after the time trials.

Drop in your votes, sit back, and enjoy this tasty little morsel of a game.


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