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Part 21: Epilogue


With the completion of their quest, the heroes for a time go their separate way, with a pledge to meet again in a year's time.

The fortune they had amassed in their quest was more than enough to support them for that length of time in considerable comfort.

Sir Boo

Boo, having redeemed himself in the eyes of the Knights and committed numerous heroic acts was fully reinstated into the knighthood and promoted to the rank of Knight of the Sword. He roams the land now as a Knight-Errant, with his strangeness transformed into eccentricity by rank. Should he continue to distinguish himself as he has, there's no doubt that Boo will continue to be a rising star in the Knights of Solamnia.


The course of this adventure has brought out Sam's more murderous qualities, and it's unlikely that he'll ever be content with a sedate life after this. Restless even after such a grand adventure, Sam continues to wander the wilds in search of evil.


Flush with cash and new stories to tell, Rip returned to his chair by the fire at his favorite inn. Although he could easily have afforded it, he didn't have to buy his own drinks for a solid month after his return. Despite himself, however, Rip found that his powers would not let him go without taking a more active and helpful role in the community.


Having greatly advanced his understanding of both divine and arcane magic, Elon took the opportunity to travel and consult with the greatest wizards and clerics among both major Elven nations. His tour, as one would expect, was carefully planned with an eye toward visiting significant historical and magical sites.


His point about the merits of experience over study made, Ishmael returned to his studies in order to consolidate his knowledge and see if any new insights had occurred as a result of his travels. He soon grew restless in academic circles and began to long for more adventures. The year until the reunion could not pass fast enough.


As kender do, Gable continued to roam Krynn driven by his wanderlust. His travels brought him into contact with all of his former companions at various times, but he couldn't wait to see the old gang again. Although he had certainly enjoyed their various adventures into forgotten places, Gable could only hope that more interesting adventures would crop up in the future.