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Original Thread: Rebuild Gotham City - Let's Play "LEGO Batman" [VLP]



Let's Play “LEGO Batman”

LEGO Batman is my least favorite of the Traveler's Tales LEGO games. That's not to say I think it's bad, or even that I hate playing it. There are a lot of things to appreciate, but I would still describe it as... groggy. The whole game feels a little bit out of it. Like it really needs a nap so it can come back at full speed.

Why play this?

I like the LEGO games, and I think trying to better appreciate this one is a worthwhile endeavor. It may not be as sharp as future releases, but we wouldn't have LEGO Batman 3 without it.

How play this?

We'll be going through all the levels in Story Mode, and then I'll be unlocking the extra junk off-screen. I'm not 100%ing the game, but I'm playing enough that you get to see all the content I think is worth sharing, including the Super Secret Bonus Stages in Wayne Manor and Arkham.

Spoilers are fine, I guess. There aren't exactly a lot of twists and turns, but some of the gags are a little cute.


Riddler's Revenge

Power-Crazed Penguin

Robin's Ass


Last Laugh


Riddle Solved

Nearly Co-Op

Toilet Piledriver

Appealing Surface

Goodbye Gotham

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